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I am currently a senior at Emory University studying chemistry and applied math with a focus on inorganic chemistry. I will be available to tutor algebra, trigonometry, algebra 2, biology, chemistry, calculus, geometry, pre- calculus, and ACT prep. I started tutoring in high school and continued tutoring at Emory where I tutored general chemistry, introductory biology, and calculus for two years. Apart from academic tutoring, I am also involved in Project SHINE which teaches English to recent Atlanta immigrants. I believe that education (no matter what kind) is crucial in life, but I also strive to emphasize why something is important. In my experience, most students struggle with something because they don't understand exactly why it is important or simply do not care. I am heavily involved in academic research at Emory so I am able to help a student understand exactly why a specific subject area is important and how it is continuously applied both in the lab and in the real world to improve our lives. It's always easier to see the physical and practical applications of a subject than try to visualize its importance on paper. In my spare time I enjoy chemistry, ancient Roman history, jam bands, running, cycling, and scuba diving.

Undergraduate Degree:

Emory University - Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

ACT Composite: 32

ACT English: 31

ACT Math: 32

ACT Reading: 33

ACT Science: 31

Chemistry, ancient Roman history, jam bands, running, cycling, and scuba diving

College Biology

College Chemistry

College Computer Science

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

High School Computer Science

Technology and Computer Science