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Yamche Vivian

I am a native speaker of Mandarin and Cantonese. I was born in China and moved to Hong Kong when I was 11 years old. I am fluent in Pinyin and both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. I came to the US as an exchange student when I was 15 and went to Ft. Madison, Iowa and graduated from Ft,. Madison Senior High School. I have a B.A. from Columbia College in Film and Video Production and I have traveled extensively.

I have been teaching Mandarin for over 15 years. My students range from school age children, business professionals and language enthusiast. I have hands on experience in teaching children(form age 3 and up)--using poetry, rhymes and songs as powerful teaching tools. And to reinforce with fun engaging activities.

The areas I can help you improve are Writing, Pinyin and Conversation/Speech. I emphasize on the correct tonal and pronunciation of words. The stroke order and Radical identification of words which is very important when using a dictionary. And to develop your unique personal style to communicate effectively. I will design the lesson according to your specific needs and will create materials to supplement the lesson to make it interesting and engaging. I believe in setting goals. And I will teach and help you in achieving these goals to gain confidence and to stay motivated.

Most of all I enjoy teaching Chinese. It is a joy to be able to share my love for my language and culture with others. Learning a new language is exciting and challenging. To me its more than just grammar, sentence structure and endless memorization. It is an adventure. The reward of acquiring a new language is immeasurable, it brings new opportunities, broaden ones horizon and knowledge. And truly makes one a citizen of the world.

Undergraduate Degree:

Columbia College - Bachelor in Arts, Film and Video

Plying the piano, photography, scuba diving, writing and my two boys