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If you are an IT professional who is interested in increasing your credibility and value to potential employers, Varsity Tutors can enroll you in an Atlanta SAS certification training course that can help you work towards your career goals. SAS is a software suite that is used for advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics. The SAS Global Certification Program offers more than 20 different certification exams that challenge SAS programmers and other IT professionals to apply the knowledge and skills that they have acquired through their SAS software training and job experiences. You may nor may not need a SAS certification depending on where you apply for work, but having the certification opens up additional employment opportunities that might not be available to you otherwise. Naturally, the digital badge that you receive upon completing your certification can be used to increase your credibility with employers and clients.

Since preparing for a SAS certification exam can be difficult to handle on your own, it is in your best interest to enroll in an Atlanta SAS certification course. This online course can give you the chance to learn from an experienced and qualified instructor who can lead you and your fellow students in lectures and learning activities that cover much of the material that you will need to learn to pass your certification exam. These instructors can also give you a good idea of what you can expect from your certification exam and provide some helpful tips that can soothe any test anxiety that you might have. If you ever feel like you need some extra help, you can also speak to your instructor about receiving some one-on-one instruction. Since you will be in a virtual classroom with other students who are studying for their own SAS exams, you can also collaborate and study with them for some extra help. Some of these students might have more experience than you in some areas, and they can provide some welcome insight into scenarios and topics that may not have come up for you during your previous IT experience.

One of the best reasons to enroll in an Atlanta SAS certification class is that it is generally much more convenient than other classes that you might take in college or elsewhere. You will be able to choose between a two-week class or a four-week class, and new classes open up every month. No matter how hectic your schedule may be or how many commitments you might have, you should be able to find a class that works for you. Since the class is online, you also won't have to worry about commuting to a physical classroom or campus. As long as you have a reliable computer and a good wi-fi connection, you can participate in your class from home, the Metropolitan Library, or wherever you prefer to study.

Becoming SAS certified generally means passing the necessary exams. The prerequisites will vary depending on the exam and your desired exam. Since there are several SAS certifications and over 20 different exams, we won't be able to go over all of them here. There are some helpful things to remember when it comes to exam requirements, however. First of all, some certifications don't have any prerequisites aside from passing the required exams. This is usually the case for the more "basic" SAS certifications. For example, the Base Programming Specialist certification will only require you to pass the SAS9.4 Base Programming exam. However, some of the more advanced certification exams will require you to have already passed other exams. The experience levels required for each level of certification aren't specifically indicated, but it is recommended that you have a minimum of eight months of experience with the base SAS system for Base Programmers and two or three years of hands-on experience for all other certifications before you attempt their respective exams.

The time limit and the number of questions will vary depending on the exam that you are taking. The exams are all computer-based, and they can consist of a mixture of multiple-choice and short answer questions. There are certifications offered in multiple subject areas, and the skills and knowledge you will need to pass the exams will depend on the subject area of choice. If you seeking the Base Programming Specialist certification, you will need to know how to read and create files, manipulate data, and identify and correct syntax and programming logic errors. If you are on your way to earning the Clinical Trials Programmer certification and you are preparing for the Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS9 exam, you will be expected to know how to access and manage clinical trial data and validate clinical trial data reporting. If you are studying for the SAS Viya 3.4 Supervised Machine Learning Pipelines exam to earn the Machine Learning Specialist certification, you need to be familiar with SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning software and skilled in tasks such as creating supervised machine learning models and assessing model performance.

As you can probably guess, preparing for any of these SAS certification exams can be a challenge, even if you've already had months or years of IT experience. This is why an Atlanta SAS certification class can be so helpful. These classes offer SAS certification candidates a chance to review material that might not be so familiar to them and help ensure that it is fresh in their minds when they sit down for their exams. For example, earning a Big Data Professional certification will require you to pass both the SAS Big Data Preparation, Statistics, and Visual Exploration exam and the SAS Big Data Programming and Loading exam. As with the other certification exams that you might take, there are several skills that you will need to pass these exams. You might be great at visualizing and exploring data, but you might struggle with implementing some of the more critical SAS programming techniques when the situation calls for it. The instructor and fellow students in your Atlanta SAS certification training class might be able to help you with this latter skill, especially if you would otherwise be lost if you had to study it on your own.

Another way that an Atlanta SAS certification training course can help you is by giving you a good idea of what you can expect when you have to take your certification exams. Remember that there are over 20 of these exams, so it can be tough to prepare for the specific exams that you will need. The other students in your course may or may not be studying for the same exam, so it pays to speak to your instructor to gain some insight into the exam that you are taking. If you find that other students are preparing for the same exam, you can also study with them and make sure that you will all be on the same page.

A SAS certification can improve your ability to find employment as an IT professional, and Varsity Tutors can enroll you in the Atlanta SAS certification training that can help you work toward your goals. For more information about enrolling in an Atlanta SAS certification course, contact Varsity Tutors today. Our staff will be glad to answer all of your questions.

SAS Certifications

  • SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming Using SAS 9.4
  • SAS Certified Professional: Advanced Programming using SAS 9.4
  • SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9
  • SAS Certified Clinical Trials Programmer Using SAS
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist
  • SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional Using SAS 9
  • SAS Certified Predictive Modeler Using SAS Enterprise Miner 14
  • SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling
  • SAS Certified Professional: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • SAS Certified Specialist: Machine Learning Using SAS Viya 3.4
  • SAS Certified Specialist: Forecasting and Optimization Using SAS Viya 3.4
  • SAS Certified Specialist: Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision Using SAS Viya 3.4
  • SAS Certified BI Content Developer for SAS 9
  • SAS Certified Visual Business Analyst: Exploration and Design Using SAS Visual Analytics
  • SAS Certified Visual Modeler Using SAS Visual Statistics 7.4
  • SAS Certified Big Data Professional Using SAS 9
  • SAS Certified Data Integration Developer for SAS 9
  • SAS Certified Data Quality Steward for SAS 9
  • SAS Certified Platform Administrator for SAS 9
  • JMP Certified Specialist: JMP Scripting Using JMP 14
  • JMP Certified Specialist: Design and Analysis of Experiments Using JMP 14
  • JMP Certified Associate: Statistical Thinking for Industrial Problem Solving
  • SAS Certified Deployment Specialist for Visual Analytics 7.4
  • SAS Certified Technical Specialist for Visual Analytics 7.4
  • SAS Certified Architecture and Design Specialist for SAS Grid Manager 9.4
  • SAS Certified Deployment and Implementation Specialist for SAS Grid Manager 9.4
  • SAS Certified Intelligence Platform Deployment Professional for SAS 9

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