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In the past,I have been the student who has felt lost and confused while trying to push myself to understand a new concept or struggling to learn a new subject. Because I know how this feels, I hope to create an enjoyable learning environment for those I tutor. Sometimes it is easy to forget that learning should be fun! Yes, learning a new concept does take a lot of work and effort but enjoying the learning process is something I hope to pass along to those whom I get to teach.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Utah - Bachelors, Psychology

Graduate Degree:

 Kent State Podiatry - Current Grad Student, Doctorate of Podiatry

Athletics, Camping, Travel, Nutrition, Fitness, Crossfit, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Mountain Biking,

What is your teaching philosophy?

I feel like everyone has a different learning style. As your tutor, I hope to discover the ways that you learn the most effectively and teach according to your learning style.

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

Ideally I would spend the first bit of the session getting to know you as a person and as a student. I would like to learn what sort of hobbies and interests you have, as well as how I can best help you academically.