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I am a German-American who has found a passion in knowledge. My greatest passions are found in music: guitar, violin, singing; and language: English, German, Italian, Spanish. Throughout the years, I have stretched my mind across the vast plains of many subjects, including psychology, phylosophy, viticulture, history, literature, business sciences, and more. I am not, however, always to be found behind a book or in a library. I have been the captain of my old baseball and basketball teams, won table tennis tournaments, and enjoy billiards, golf, swimming, biking, and other athletic activities. After all, a healthy body helps support a healthy mind.

In terms of experience, I have tutored people from ages 10-22 for about five years in German, English grammar, English composition, study skills, mathematics, guitar, and violin.

I currently study Entrepreneurship and International Business at Johnson & Wales University. I enjoy every second there and my joy is depicted in my GPA (4.0/4.0). I learn because I sincerely want to; knowledge IS power, and I feel myself strengthen every day. I believe that everybody can strengthen themself if one simply applies sincere will with effort. The perceived value of knowledge seems to be declining in today's youth; I hope to revitalize it.

My greatest personal goal is to offer my satisfaction in my death; I wish to look back upon my life with the serene knowledge that I leave the world a better place than as I entered it.

In order to best help others one must teach the willing how to help themselves. Knowledge opens doors into different worlds; shapes our eyes, through which we see; expands our horizons, towards which we strive. Though we never reach the frame of our minds, the journey is made all the more enhancing through its infinity.

Benjamin Franklin - "We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid."

Undergraduate Degree:

Johnson & Wales University-Providence - Current Undergrad, Entrepreneurship

Lived in Germany for two years and is completely bilingual. Has acted. Licensed insurance agent. Musician.

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Homework Support

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