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I am a graduate of Boston Latin School and MIT. I have loved math and science since I was a child, and I loved my time at MIT, earning a BS in Materials Science, a PhD in Materials Science, and doing post doctoral work there. After leaving that academic world, I was drawn to software engineering and started my own software consulting business, which I have run for many years. I found that tutoring my sons and daughters and other young people in math has been very rewarding and that my enthusiasm for math and science can be infectious. My approach to instruction is to determine quickly what issues prevent the student from understanding the material and to work in a supportive and guided manner to help the student achieve success. Nothing makes me happier than helping a student to gain confidence by mastering a topic they were having trouble with. I love music, mostly jazz and rock, a love I got from my parents. I read science fiction, and do Tai Chi, and am working towards becoming an instructor, which is another form of tutoring as I see it. I am an Eagle Scout, and for many years, I have mentored young men who are working on attaining that rank. I volunteer to help the seniors in my home town with electronic device problems in their homes. I believe that a good education is the foundation for success in life. I like to think I've motivated and encouraged many young minds to achieve success.

Undergraduate Degree:

 M.I.T. - BS, Materials Science

Graduate Degree:

 M.I.T. - PhD, Materials Science

Enjoys music and cooking. Does tai chi. Is a handyman and fixes modems and TVs. Reads sci-fi, often in ebook format.

College Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering

High School Chemistry

High School Computer Science

Middle School Science

Technology and Computer Science