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I graduated from the University of Central Missouri. I received my Bachelor of Science in Math & Spanish and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. During college, I worked as a tutor as well as an adjunct instructor. I taught Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, & Contemporary Math. While I tutor many different math courses, my favorite subject to tutor and teach is Algebra because it is the basis for so many other math classes. I know that math is difficult for many people, and I try my hardest to find a teaching style that will make the material easy to understand. I want my students to succeed in their math courses, and if I need to find new methods of teaching to make this happen, I will. I am committed to helping students gain a firm understanding of the material they need to know. In my free time, I really enjoy baking and music. I play the trombone and piano, and I was in the marching band in high school as well as college. My most recent baking adventure involved 3-D dinosaur and train cakes for a 2nd birthday.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Central Missouri - BS, Mathematics and Spanish

Graduate Degree:

 University of Central Missouri - MS, Applied Mathematics

Baking, nail art, piano, music