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I am a tutor specializing in philosophy with competence in other basic logic-related subjects, like algebra and computer science. I am a graduate of Brandeis University, where I received both my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in philosophy. During my time at Brandeis, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to tutor my peers as a Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study tutor. As a peer tutor, I guided fellow students through prepositional and predicate logic problem sets, worked through their arguments for ethics class, and helped edit their philosophy papers. Logic is my favorite to tutor due to its closeness to my personal interest in computer programming. In both cases there are answers to problems that are very much the only correct answer, but there may be many different ways of approaching said answer. This is something I particularly like to show my students: that even in the most stringent of cases, there is room for creativity and self-expression in the process of problem-solving.

In my spare time, I enjoy toying around with programming languages like Ruby and Java, playing sports (ultimate frisbee, football, rowing, skiing, weightlifting), playing video games, and reading (mostly nonfiction).

Undergraduate Degree:

 Brandeis University - BA, Philosophy

Graduate Degree:

 Brandeis University - MA, Philosophy

Web development, video games, ultimate frisbee, reading nonfiction, reading science fiction

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High School Computer Science


Social Sciences

Technology and Computer Science