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I received my Bachelors Degree in 2012 from Thomas Aquinas College, double majoring in philosophy and theology, with a minor in math. I then went on to receive my Master's of Science in Business Analysis in 2013 from Catholic University of America. Since graduation, I have worked for environmental non-profits, helping plant trees across the world, and for consulting firms, helping to mitigate risk in user processes and IT risk analysis. While I tutor in a broad range of subjects, my personal favorites are history, literature, algebra, and philosophy.

My approach is focused on two things: perspective and passion. I genuinely believe that learning is one of the greatest gifts society can give us today, and one of the best things we can pursue for ourselves. All knowledge is connected, and rather than approaching a subject as simply that subject by itself, everything we learn opens new doors for our minds, and into subjects we sometimes never knew about or never believed to be as intertwined. For example: is it simply coincidence that the studies of astronomy and philosophy tend to happen at the same time for early cultures? Or that early arithmetical and geometrical proofs were found to exist in natural formations? I find that once connections and insights like the previous occur with the learner, passion begins to grow, and education no longer becomes a requirement, but a self-employed pursuit.

In my spare time, I love expanding my knowledge of different artists in many different genres, always looking for my new favorite. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, recreational reading, playing board games and video games, and watching NFL games with my dad.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Thomas Aquinas College - Bachelor's Degree, Liberal Arts

Graduate Degree:

 Catholic University of America - M.S., Business Analysis

Music, video games, reading, watching NFL games, hobbyshops, and board games.


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