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I received my B.A. in Classical Languages from the College of Wooster, and my M.A. in Greek and Roman Studies from the University of Victoria. I plan to eventually pursue a PhD in Classics in the future, but am currently developing my career in education. I have tutored both Latin and Greek as an undergraduate and graduate student, have taught multiple classes as a T.A. in graduate school, and have taught a year of Latin IV Honors at the high school level. My personal goal in both tutoring and teaching is to impart my passion for these wonderful languages to the student. I would have never gone on to this career path were it not for the same passion of my Latin and Greek teachers and professors. I want to convey that learning these languages can open up a whole new world of literature and culture, and enrich one's life in many new ways.
Outside of work, I enjoy running every day. While in school, I made it a habit to get up early and run for at least half an hour each day. Recently, I have also been catching up on classic works which I did not get a chance to read before, such as The Picture of Dorian Gray, Paradise Lost, and All Quiet on the Western Front.

Undergraduate Degree:

College of Wooster - Bachelor in Arts, Classics

Graduate Degree:

University of Victoria - Master of Arts, Greek and Roman Studies

Running, Literature

Latin 1

Latin 3

Latin 4