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I have dedicated the last 16 years of my life to studying, understanding, and appreciating the Chinese language and culture. I received my M.A. in Chinese Studies from Warsaw University in 2001 and spent the subsequent ten years living, studying, and working in China. I immersed myself in the Chinese culture and was able to achieve fluency in Mandarin Chinese. I believe that time spent in China was very valuable. It was a great opportunity to better understand this fascinating culture as well as the complexity of the language.
I can read, speak, and write fluent Chinese, Polish, and English. In addition, I speak Japanese at an intermediate level. I have eight years of experience working, teaching, and training at educational organizations in China. I'm passionate about teaching and would like to share my knowledge and experiences with my students. I can make a complete study plan for students as well as tailor my classes to their individual needs. I can teach all ages and levels. In the beginner's level, I focus on teaching pinyin (romanization system used to learn Mandarin), basic Chinese characters , sentences, and the pronunciation of tones. In the intermediate level, I create sentence patterns for students to work with. I explain grammar and vocabulary and practice conversations. I also correct their mistakes. In the advanced level, I focus on conversations. We talk on a variety of topics .We also discuss current events.
I thoroughly prepare for my classes and take every student and class seriously.
I’m most passionate about Asian cultures and languages (specifically Chinese and Japanese) as well as traveling all over the world. I love animals and often travel places solely for wildlife encounters. I also like designing jewelry and playing the guitar.

Graduate Degree:

 Warsaw University - MA, Chinese Studies

Asian cultures and languages, traveling, wildlife, designing jewelry, playing the guitar

Conversational Mandarin