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Why Choose Our SAT Prep Book?

Starting March 2016, students will face a new SAT, one designed to test the reading, analysis, math, and data interpretation skills so important to their future in college. Despite the unknowns, students can still prepare—and succeed—on test day with professional guidance and quality study materials.

Varsity Tutors’ reputation is built upon a commitment to student success and making education accessible—which is why we’ve prepared a one-stop study resource in our free SAT prep book. Our comprehensive guide includes a full-length practice SAT exam, sample questions, and in-depth lessons that cover the skills and knowledge students will need to succeed on the redesigned SAT.

Students taking the new SAT won’t need to memorize obscure SAT vocabulary, but they may be asked to identify a word’s meaning using its context within a passage. The SAT essay is no longer required, but the essay is changing from an opinion-based format to evidence-based persuasion. Are you ready for these changes?

Whether you’re looking for a general review or to focus on SAT Critical Reading prep, Varsity Tutors’ free SAT prep book allows you to study at your own pace. You can read the guide cover-to-cover and review all of the skills and knowledge needed for each section, or hone your study time to focus on modifying proposition statements, for example, or graphing circles, or interpreting data. Whatever you need help with, the Varsity Tutors SAT prep book covers it. Answer practice questions along the way to reinforce important concepts, and top off your review by taking a full-length SAT test.

Don’t leave your prep to chance when you face the new SAT. Get to know the test inside and out and build the skills you’ll be tested on during the exam by using the free Varsity Tutors SAT prep book in your review.

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