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If you're looking to further your career in engineering or design, Varsity Tutors can place you in a Sacramento SOLIDWORKS certification course designed to help you get ahead. There are a number of benefits that come from having a SOLIDWORKS certification. It establishes you as a serious professional in your field, it demonstrates your competency with SOLIDWORKS software, and it can be used to negotiate higher salaries and promotions. But before you can become certified, you first need to choose which level and specific certification you want to pursue. SOLIDWORKS certificates are divided into three different levels: Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA), Professional (CSWP), and Expert (CSWE). Within those levels are a total of 20 different certifications, accompanied by their own corresponding exams. If you'd like assistance preparing for the CSWA exam, CSWP exam, CSWP-MDB exam, CSWE exam, or any of the other assessments, we can help. Let's look at some of the benefits you may experience from participating in a Sacramento SOLIDWORKS certification training course.

Enrolling in our Sacramento SOLIDWORKS certification class gives you the chance to study through structured lectures conducted by a professional instructor. The content of every lesson has been carefully chosen to align with the material you'll encounter on the specific certification exam you're studying for. Follow along as your instructor reviews concepts like sketch tools and entities, collision detection, and parting line creation, among other things. If at any point you feel like you're falling behind or you become confused with a specific topic, you can arrange to meet with your instructor privately for additional assistance. They can help you look at the various challenges standing in your way, then come up with a strategy to add you in overcoming those obstacles.

Another great feature of the Sacramento SOLIDWORKS certification course is its focus on collaboration. Lessons are held in a virtual classroom over our Live Learning Platform, where tools like virtual whiteboards and video chat are used to simulate a physical classroom. Here, you'll study alongside other professionals preparing for the same certification exam. Feel free to ask questions, share information, and participate in classroom discussions as you review key concepts related to the test. Many people that completed this course or ones similar find this collaborative element to be extremely helpful for memorizing important information.

Are you looking for a learning experience that offers convenience and flexibility? Then our certification classes might be the perfect fit for you. When you register for classes, you'll notice there are several available time slots to choose from. Pick the time you want to meet during the week that's most compatible with your timetable so that you avoid any scheduling conflicts. You can also choose whether you want to participate in two or four-week courses. If you're unable to find an available meeting time that doesn't work with your schedule, don't worry. New classes are opened at the beginning of every month, so you never have to worry about being left behind. What's more, since lessons are conducted online, you also don't have to worry about commute times and rushing across town to attend your study sessions. If you've got internet access and a computer or mobile device, you can study from anywhere. Some people like to go to a quiet location like the Central or North Natomas branches of the Sacramento Public Library, while others enjoy studying at home or at their favorite coffee shop.

Now that we've looked at some of the benefits of our course, are you ready to begin? Contact Varsity Tutors today and talk to an educational consultant about our Sacramento SOLIDWORKS certification training program. We can enroll you in the next available course so you can get started as soon as possible.

SOLIDWORKS Certifications

  • CSWA - Mechanical Design
  • CSWA - Mechanical Design - Academic Version
  • CSWA-Simulation
  • CSWA-Additive Manufacturing
  • CSWA-Electrical
  • CSWA–Sustainability
  • Platform Explorer Associate
  • CSWP - Mechanical Design
  • CSWP - Mechanical Design - Academic Version
  • CSWP-Simulation
  • CSWP-Model Based Design
  • CSWPA-Drawing Tools
  • CSWPA-Mold Making
  • CSWPA-Sheet Metal
  • CSWPA-Surfacing
  • CSWPA-Weldments
  • Certified PDM Professional Administrator (CPPA)
  • CSWE - Mechanical Design
  • CSWE – Simulation

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