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Membership includes 1-on-1 tutoring in the subjects you need, live online classes for supplemental learning and enrichment, interactive learning tools, and adaptive assessments.

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What’s included in a Learning Membership

1-on-1 Tutoring

Using your goals, needs, and proficiency as a guide, we’ll match you with a highly-skilled, highly vetted expert tutor and create a learning plan tailored to your unique learning style.

Looking for something else?

We offer expert instruction in 3,000+ subjects.

250+ Live Enrichment Classes Every Week

From coding to sketching to learning a language, your membership includes unlimited access to live group classes and on-demand lessons.

Diagnostic Testing & Practice Modules

Track results and know exactly what to work on with our adaptive assessments, practice problems, quizzes, and progress monitoring. These aren't magical, but they sure seem like it.

Learning Membership Plans

For 6 Months

  • All ages, all subjects

  • 4 hours of tutoring per month

  • Unlimited live classes

  • Assessments & progress monitoring

For 12 months

  • All ages, all subjects

  • 4 hours of tutoring per month

  • Unlimited live classes

  • Assessments & progress monitoring

Various durations

Custom Plan
  • All ages, all subjects

  • Buy additional tutoring hours as you need them

  • Unlimited live classes

  • Assessments & progress monitoring

How Memberships Work

Get started by telling us more about your learning needs.

Discuss your goals with an education consultant.

We’ll match you with the perfect tutor for your needs and schedule.

Start learning with tutoring, classes, and more.

Award-Winning Experts

Finding the right tutor starts with having only the best experts. We vet every applicant through tutoring simulations, background checks, and interviews.
Then, based on your insights, we use 100+ attributes to pinpoint the best tutor for your needs.

Varsity Tutors by the Numbers


years helping learners


hours of 1-on-1 instruction


subjects to explore

Based on a recent survey, Varsity Tutors students showed a 155% increase in A's and a 94% decrease in D's and F's.