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  • Unlimited enrollment in as many classes as desired
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  • Top-rated instructors experienced in online education
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  • Hands-on learning activities like at-home science labs and class presentations
  • Personalized instruction based on the skill level of the class
  • New exclusive classes added on a regular basis
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As a VT+ member, you can be certain each and every instructor is highly qualified. Not only do they have to be a subject-matter expert with online teaching experience, they must also pass our rigorous vetting process.

Instructor LaShanna

Theatre Arts Educator
Former Theatre Director
Known for: Believing artistry takes a team effort to bring to fruition.

Instructor Isabelle

K-12 English Educator
PhD candidate
Known for: Encouraging students to write about what they love.

Instructor Clyde

K-12 Spanish Educator
Masters of Education candidate
Known for: Being named his school's Teacher of the Year

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Questions? We have answers.

Can more than one student use the same membership?

Subscriptions are for households, not individual students. Any student in the household can take classes through the subscription.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes. Email us at subscriptions@care.varsitytutors.com to cancel your membership at any time.

Is there a limit to the number of classes I can take?

Nope. Take as many as you or your student would like.

How often do you add more classes?

We add classes every week, including but not limited to, new sections of classes that already exist and entirely new classes.