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Reed Timmer in front of a tornado


Reed Timmer's Weather Camp

Legendary storm chaser Reed Timmer knows just what it’s like to be a kid fascinated by weather. That’s why Reed Timmer’s Weather Camp is action-packed with hands-on projects, demonstrations, and breakdowns of wild weather events. Each day, your child will meet with an expert instructor and a group of 6-9 fellow campers to explore the wonders of weather.

Week-long camps (M-F) meet 2 hours/day
$250 • Ages 5 to 13 • 6-9 campers

Prepare for adventure!

Reed taking a video of a tornado

About Reed

The host of the hit Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers for four seasons, Dr. Reed Timmer grew up fascinated by tornadoes, thunderstorms, and blizzards. So he headed off to the University of Oklahoma–in the heart of Tornado Alley–to study meteorology in college and didn’t stop until he got his PhD. Ever since, he’s been roaming the country in his custom "Dominator" vehicles educating the world on weather safety and the causes of some of nature’s most powerful weather events.

Reed in front of a tornado

Reed's 5-Day Forecast

As the host of the hit Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers, Reed knows a thing or two about looking into the forecast to find meteorology marvels. That’s why each day your young “weatherfan” will join an expert instructor and small group of campers to investigate a new weather theme:

Monday’s Forecast: The What and Why of Weather What causes the seasons to change? Why do storms usually come from the west? Why does it snow so much in the mountains and rarely rain in the desert? The answers to these fundamental weather questions live in today’s session.

Tuesday’s Forecast: Spring & Summer Storms (and Sunshine) Explore the seasons of thunderstorms, humidity, heat lightning, and other phenomena you can watch right from your window this time of year. Plus learn about surf forecasts, tides, and how to find the most perfect days at the beach.

Wednesday’s Forecast: Wild Winter Weather How do blizzards and ice storms originate? What determines whether precipitation will take the form of rain, sleet, hail, or snow? And what causes avalanches? Explore winter wonderlands from the warm comfort of summertime.

Thursday’s Forecast: Natural Disasters Explore the wildest events in the natural world: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Learn why these events happen, how to anticipate them, and how to stay safe.

Friday’s Forecast: The Wonders of Weather Weather gives us so many things to be grateful for: rainbows, sunsets, and TV meteorologists. Learn the many reasons to love weather, and explore the life of a weatherperson.

Instructor with students in an online classroom

Small Groups, Expert Instructors

Camp sessions feature small groups of 6-9 campers led by an expert instructor, ensuring maximum participation, guidance, and collaboration. Instructors are chosen after an extensive vetting process that includes teaching demonstrations, background checks, and interviews to ensure both subject mastery and teaching ability.

Student holding tablet

Reed's AfterCamp Climate Challenges

Even when the day’s session has blown past, your camper can keep their head in the clouds with Reed’s AfterCamp Climate Challenges in the Learning Lab. They’ll watch exclusive Reed Timmer mini-lessons, then conquer online challenges as they chase even more weather wonders.

Child looking through binoculars

Unplug Projects

The most common reason we follow the weather? To know when we can get out and experience the world! That’s why Reed’s weather camp includes several carefully-curated activities to guide campers’ hands-on weather exploration.

Student attending Reed Timmer StarCourse

StarCourses: The Doctor Is In

You know him from chasing storms around the world in his Dominator vehicles, but Dr. Reed Timmer is also a PhD meteorologist who loves teaching the science of storms. Your camper will receive exclusive access to Reed’s live Varsity Tutors StarCourse classes as he shares the science behind–and his experiences within–tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, and more.

Camp Dates & Times

Reed Timmer's Weather Camp

Week-long camps, available June - August

  • 6-9 campers per camp
  • 2-hour daily sessions + bonus activities
  • Special content from featured guest stars

Varsity Tutors has kept our girls engaged academically and socially! No other platform has been able to do what they’ve done for our easily bored kiddos. Huge fans!

— Henley, Parent