Sunset over the Great Wall of China

Chinese Language and Travel Camp

Get ready to say “ni hao” to new friends in this fun discovery camp. Your child can learn about everything from Mandarin basics to ancient traditions as they virtually explore China.

Next camp starts June 7
$150 • Ages 5 to 17 • 6-9 campers


Mystery Guest

Soon To Be Announced

Mystery Guest

Soon To Be Announced

Explore a world of wonder!

Decorative Chinese dragon

Daily Sessions

Each day of camp brings a new adventure. Your camper and their new friends will join an expert instructor for a guided tour of Chinese language, food, landscape, and more in these 2-hour sessions.

Session 1: Tones & Tours
Did you know that Mandarin features fewer sounds than English, but small changes in tone make large differences in meaning? Begin your journey by exploring the ever-important tones, plus examining China’s long and fascinating history, including the famed Great Wall.

Session 2: Greetings & Geography
Get to know China while you learn to get to know people in Mandarin! Today you’ll learn basic greetings and salutations while also exploring the vibrant landscape of China from mountains to desert to sea.

Session 3: Characters, Counting, & Customs
Examine and learn to draw the characters of the Chinese alphabet, learn to count in Mandarin, and learn about the holidays and traditions of the world’s most populated country.

Session 4: Food Facts & Phrases
China has the most people of any country in the world, spread over the fourth largest country by area—so the “Chinese food” you order at home is only a small part of what Chinese food really is. Learn all about Chinese cuisine, plus some phrases to make sure you never go hungry when you visit.

Session 5: Navigation & Innovation
Some of the most important phrases in the world are those that help you find your way around, so prepare for a future trip to China by learning the language of navigation. Plus, explore the technology and inventions that China has supplied—and continues to supply—the world.

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AfterCamp Chinese Challenges

When your camper returns home from their virtual journey through China, they’ll be able to dive into the Learning Lab and go deeper with engaging activities led by featured guest stars and partners.

Student writing Mandarin characters

Unplug Projects

Encourage your young learner to step away from the screen with several hands-on activities. Each China-focused activity is designed to reinforce what they learn in their daily session, but without being tethered to the computer.

Girl playing with globe

Chinese Language & Travel StarCourses

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind tour of China. Your camper will be auto-enrolled in our next live StarCourse, where one of our featured guest stars will give them an in-depth look at what makes China so special.

Camp Dates & Times

Chinese Language and Travel Camp
(Week-long, June - August)
  • About 9 campers per camp
  • 2-hour daily sessions + bonus activities
  • Special content from featured guest stars

Varsity Tutors has kept our girls engaged academically and socially! No other platform has been able to do what they’ve done for our easily bored kiddos. Huge fans!

— Henley, Parent