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Each Program Includes:

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Live group sessions taught by notable experts and stars

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On-Demand Content

Self-guided videos and projects, featuring celebrity instructors

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Small Group Classes

Weekly curated curriculum in an engaging small group setting

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1-on-1 Lessons

Private lessons with an expert scheduled around your calendar

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From space to Spanish and comics to coding, find something for everyone in your home.

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DC Presents: Comics 101

Grades K-8

Have you ever wanted to create your own comic book? Join DC comic book artist Francis Manapul to learn how to bring your own story and characters to life. Plus, you could win a chance to have your comic book printed. KA-POW!

Headlined by DC Artist Francis Manapul

STEAM Innovation summer brand image

STEAM Innovation

Grades K-8

Join astronaut Leland Melvin and his crew for a summer of invention and innovation. Build STEAM skills as you learn about space, simple machines, the scientific method, and more. And yes, there will be rockets!

Headlined by Astronaut Leland Melvin

Monopoly summer program brand image

Money Matters

Grades 4-12

Pass “GO” and collect money management skills to last a lifetime with Monopoly. From banking basics to entrepreneurship, learn what it takes to start a business in this interactive and fun gamified experience.

Headlined by Monopoly

viral video creation summer brand image

Viral Content Creation

High School & College

Why watch and follow when you can create and influence? Join top creators and skilled instructors to see what it takes to make compelling content in the digital economy. Learn key skills like storytelling, video editing, and brand building.

Headlined by Top Social Influencers with over 50 million combined followers

College Prep Summer Program Brand image

College Admissions Prep

High School

Use summer downtime to get ahead of the college admissions process. Prepare to ace the SAT and ACT. Learn how to research schools and financial aid. And with exclusive insights from admissions officers, find out how to stand out from the crowd.

Headlined by Top University Insiders

Video Game Creation Summer Program Brand Image

Video Game Creation

Grades K-8

A summer of video games? Yes, please! Join experts from Codeverse and learn the basics of coding and game design while creating your very own video game. Brainstorm ideas with other students and share your creation with the world.

Headlined by Codeverse

part of a Spain flag with a blue conversation bubble that says "Hola!"

Spanish Language Learning

All ages

What better time to learn a new language than summer break? So put your membership to good use with unlimited live Spanish classes, fun activities in the Learning Lab, and connect with a Spanish tutor for 1-on-1 instruction.

Academic achievement summer program brand image

Academic Achievement

All ages

Whether you want to get ahead of the next school year, catch up from last year, or explore a new subject, your membership unlocks everything you need. Find live classes, meet with expert tutors, and explore new challenges in the Learning Lab. School might be out, but learning never takes a break.

VT's Happy Campers

Hear from parents and students on their virtual summer camp experiences.

Dolly's son smiling


“Really amazing classes. My son enjoyed all the camp sessions.”

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“These summer camps have been a lifesaver for me, a working mom.”



“Terrific summer experience! My kids took a wide variety of classes.”

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“This has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it.”

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

What is a virtual summer camp?

A virtual summer camp takes all the best parts of a traditional summer camp – fun activities, great camp counselors, and making new friends – and transfers them online. Virtual summer camps are a great way to add a bit of structure to your camper’s summer without (or in addition to) sending them to expensive sleepaway camps.

Campers enrolled in Varsity Tutors’ summer camps cover everything from the reaches of outer space to the complexities of code to the wonders of weather. Campers will create, explore, and engage with groups of 6-9 of their peers in sessions guided by one of Varsity Tutors’ expert instructors.

How do you make a virtual camp fun?

Making virtual summer camps fun is all about interactivity. After all, even educational summer camps are meant to be fun! A good virtual summer camp will be more than just an instructor lecturing a group of students or having them work alone on school-like projects. Varsity Tutors instructors create engaging, fun experiences by blending on and offline activities to make sessions that get campers moving, learning, and collaborating. Campers will enjoy working with their peers to solve puzzles and make creations of all types, whether they’re recreating ancient petroglyphs, simulating storm fronts, or decoding hidden messages.

Why is online summer camp a great activity for kids?

Online summer camps offer learners the opportunity to immerse in subjects they’re passionate about while making like-minded friends from across the country. While traditional summer camps can come with a prohibitive price tag or the need for nights away from home, an online summer camp can be a cost-effective and convenient way for your child to learn, socialize, and explore from the comfort of home on a schedule that works for the whole family.

Because online summer camps aren’t limited based on where you are, campers can also have experiences via video that they might not otherwise get to have, whether that’s exploring an archaeological site to see how archaeologists work or seeing into the eye of a hurricane to explore the awesome power of nature. They get to do this alongside other campers with similar interests from all over the world and with expert instructors there to guide them every step of the way.

How do you do a summer camp at home?

Online summer camps make it easy for parents to provide their learners with engaging, interactive learning experiences from home. Students simply need to log in to their virtual summer camp from a computer or tablet and they’ll be connected with an expert instructor and new friends from around the world. For hands-on projects, summer camp supply lists are sent out well in advance and focus on easy-to-obtain household items so that online summer campers can enjoy innovative projects and parents can enjoy convenient setup.

Online summer camps also feature online and offline after-camp challenges, providing families with the option to engage in outdoor activities related to the camp theme and giving campers extra opportunities to explore their favorite subject further.

Simply put, with basic household supplies and an internet-connected device, any learner can attend an immersive and engaging online summer camp experience.

What is the best age to go to summer camp?

There’s no one right age for every kid to go to summer camp. That’s partially because every child is different and partially because there are so many different kinds of summer camp out there! While sleepaway camps are best for kids 8+ (although some kids as young as 6 or 7 can enjoy them too), part time, virtual summer camps can be a great solution for families who want to provide some structure for younger kids or who want their camper of any age to be able to experience a variety of summer activities without breaking the bank.

Are summer camps a good idea?

Yes, although not every summer camp is right for every camper. Summer camps are a great way to provide structure for your child and to allow them to meet lifelong friends. The best way to choose a summer camp is to look for something that they are interested in exploring in a format that’s right for them.

For campers who are either not old enough for sleepaway camp or families who want a little extra fun in their summer without breaking the bank, online summer camp (aka virtual summer camp) is a great option. In Varsity Tutors’ virtual summer camps, campers will explore everything from dinosaur discovery to coding creativity for two hours a day over the course of a week. Led by qualified instructors and filled with both on- and offline activities, these camps get kids learning, collaborating, and (most importantly) having fun!