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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I spent the first forty-five minutes of our session going over grammar exercises (such as a section testing his knowledge of differences between "their", "they're" and "there".) Afterwards she wrote a final draft essay on a prompt that he and I came up with together.

The student and reviewed several strategies from the summer for the SAT. We also went over many questions that she missed on a practice test, mainly focusing on math. It was clear that she was rusty from the summer, so we will do some review.

We reviewed the strategies for each section of the test and I gave her a list of what to bring on test day. We reviewed her answers to the practice test and covered a few math tactics for the test. We talked about what to expect on test day. She seemed calm and prepared and ready to take the test.

As this was our first session, we began with a diagnostic test. We determined that the student will benefit from tutoring in all areas of the exam, but especially the verbal component. To that end, we spent the first third on vocabulary building. This was followed by a discussion about strategies for the essay, a lesson on factoring quadratic equations, and a discussion about the reading passages. The student agreed to do practice essays for our next session so that we can go over them together. The session was amiable and we got along well.

We started by going over the homework I assigned. We then completed some preterite/imperfect practice together. The student then told me that his teacher let him know that the class has started working on future tense so we spent the remainder of our session practicing conjugating, forming sentences/paragraphs, and asking/answering questions in the future tense.

Today we worked on reviewing vocab, synonyms, and analogies. We also worked on building confidence and analyzing poetry for the reading section. We moved on to assessing math ability. The student does really well on arithmetic and some basic geometry questions. More practice is needed with algebra, percents, and fractions, so we will meet again Thursday. I asked the student to take a practice test online over the next few days.

The student and I went over an exam that she got back. Most of the points she got off were because, she was not sure on one particular part, of how to convert between different ways of writing parabolas. I think by going over the problems, she had a better understanding, and could solve the problems again.

This session was meant to be an introduction and overview of the ISEE. I began by explaining the structure, timing, and scoring of the ISEE. We then dove into doing practice questions for each of the 4 sections so that the student would be familiar with the question formats and types of questions being asked. We discussed tactics for doing well on the exam such as eliminating answers, how to guess, and ways to increase efficiency on the Reading comprehension section. She struggled most on the quantitative reasoning section so we spent the remaining time looking at more of those examples so that she felt more comfortable. We ended by discussing how to organize and structure her essay such as using a 5 paragraph structure and using supporting ideas in her main paragraphs. The student said she felt comfortable with the test at the end of the session.

We went over a homework assignment involving trigonometric identities with which the student was struggling, highlighting and reviewing the general concepts and strategies that were relevant to each problem as we went.

We continued to read the book we've been reading. Next week we will start doing 5 vocabulary words a week. He will have to know how to spell the word and the definition of the word by the end of that week. This will hopefully help him with reading comprehension and building his vocabulary.

The student and I worked through a review sheet for her exam. We practiced graphing four-sided figures and using the distance formula, slope formula, and midpoint formula to define the shape using the properties of the shapes such as parallel and perpendicular sides, congruent and perpendicular diagonals, etc. We also worked through some word problems using the same tools.

Today we went over her quiz on the Earth. She had gotten most of the answers right, and didn't need much help on the quiz. We also looked over some of her upcoming labs. She didn't struggle with anything.

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