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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I worked together to define new terms for her wave unit. We discussed the different components of waveforms and the different wave types and their properties. We worked on some unit homework ahead of time and made significant progress on the assignment.

Tonight we reviewed all the topics from previous sessions, including solving multi-step equations and inequalities, solving equations with absolute value, setting up and solving word problems involving multiple equations/inequalities, distributive property, and fractions.

The student and I spent the majority of our session preparing for his upcoming English final. We went through an entire practice sheet that was essentially a practice version of his exam. We developed a good strategy for going through a poem from when he receives it to when he makes his final observations. He has definitely progressed when it comes to analyzing poetry and doing the work necessary to understand it.

Today we started with a review of strategies for each section of the test. I timed her on the math section. She was unable to finish due to some difficulty with comprehension. I reminded her she will be taking the test alone and needs to do her best to figure out what each question is asking. We also worked on reading and vocabulary. The next session is our final one before the test, so I will give her a mini, timed version.

We continued our math review from the previous session, covering the student's mistakes from his first practice test and the difficult parts of the test book. We focused on geometry and word problems. He has an aptitude for geometry, which tends to be a difficult subject for students his age, so we reviewed the strategy of filling in missing pieces of information when a problem seems unsolvable. By the end of the day, I felt confident the student would not need to spend much more time on math, as he is very familiar with all of the concepts. I assigned him word problems for homework, and we will review his work next session.

The student had an upcoming test on vibrations and oscillations. We covered these topics to make sure he was ready for the test. We specifically covered motion relating to mass-and-spring and pendulum systems, with interspersed rotational motion. Overall he did very well; his solutions are still very good.

Today we covered the lower GI, acid/base, renal and reviewed the upper GI. Our lesson focused primarily on acid/base and renal. This lesson I worked to instruct the student on good study strategies for tackling complex multi-facet material. We discussed how the renal system regulates fluid balance, salt levels, and pH balance at the physiologic level of organization. Our time in GI studies was spent discussing the endocrine and immune components of the digestive tract. Acid/base concepts were used in all areas indirectly, but we also discussed acid/base reactions explicitly.

I began my session with the student by speaking with her about her areas of strength and weakness when it comes to mathematics. I then had her complete a middle-level math diagnostic exam. Following the exam, we went over strategies for approaching math problems (key words, action words, appropriate operations).

I had previous designed a Percents Practice Problems worksheet and sent it to the student to complete for this session. He did an excellent job with the simple percent problems. We began the session by working on word problems. He has improved significantly with percents. We then moved on to the Fill-in-the-blank questions in the verbal reasoning section. We spent an hour working through various exercises mostly working on dissecting new words given recognizable roots and familiar words. After that, we shifted gears back to quantitative reasoning and worked through sample practice problems, thus reviewing a variety of the topics we have worked on for the past few months.

We reviewed the writing section of the SAT, practicing both sentence error identification and sentence improvement questions. We went through two full practice sections, going through the questions one by one to identify what various types of questions are found within the writing section and which concepts they test. The student seemed really on top of the grammar for the most part, he just needs to practice focusing on the question and not reading too quickly so that he can hone in on the error immediately and recognize what type of answer he should be looking for.

With the student taking the SAT tomorrow, we reviewed the various strategies we'd covered in previous weeks. I made a list within each SAT section of the tips for him to most focus on, based on effectiveness and his remaining weaknesses, with the goal for him to review them one more time tonight and tomorrow morning. We then wrapped up by going over more math problems to analyze how the strategies we've covered could have better been applied to solve the problems. I feel confident that he will score very well in writing and reading based on his most recent scores, and I believe if he actively concentrates on the math strategies we've covered, he will also do very well in that section.

The student and I worked on strategizing her math make-up plan. She has been trying to retake old tests while simultaneously studying for new tests. I discussed approaching her teacher to devise a make-up plan.

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