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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Today we worked on reading comprehension, reading and studying geography. The student did really well in his reading. Needs to practice the 7 states we learned today as well as keep looking at the map everyday to remain familiar.

This was the final session before his test on Wednesday. We worked through a sheet dealing with PDFs and CDFs of the binomial and geometric distribution. Took some time but he gets what the definitions are and how you can translate a word problem into a mathematical statement.

In today session,  the student  focused on her homework and subtraction.  She showed me that they are starting fractions. In her homework today,  she had subtraction and addition with two digits, telling time, counting money, and word problems. After her homework, we practiced subtraction.  She  hard a time  remembering to  subtract instead of add.  She drew out pictures for most of the problems. When practicing addition she  showed 100% improvement.

The student and I studied for his final. We went through the entire study guide. We focused heavily on prepositions because he was struggling to memorize them. I left him with the assignment to write them out 10 times (in alphabetical order) to help him remember the accusative and dative prepositions. I also asked him to review the definitions of the separable verbs on the test. He did well with the personal pronouns in all three cases and understands what each case means and how to identify it in a sentence.

The student and I started our session by reviewing a problem from the homework I assigned her. I then covered the topic of rotational motion, including angular velocity and linear velocity, as well as arc length and the definition of the radian. We then covered the basics of vectors, including magnitude, direction and horizontal/vertical components. We used an online vector simulator to cover these topics, and to learn about vector addition. After practicing a few vector-based velocity problems, we moved on to position, velocity, and acceleration graphs. We used an online simulator to create some graphs and cover the different properties of the 3 types of graphs. I assigned homework for her that covers all of these topics that we reviewed.

We reviewed how to solve limits as the x approaches negative or positive infinity as well as limits that approach infinity. She had a little bit of trouble understanding the behavior of the limit as x approaches infinity, but as we solved more of them, she became much more comfortable with the conceptual part of it. This will be an important skill as we move on to the behavior of derivatives as well as more complex limits, especially ones involving trigonometric functions and logarithms. She will continue and finish the remainder of the chain rule homework for me for the next session, and we will cover some review next week before her first test on limits and continuity.

The student has a test tomorrow over the first two units of statistics, so tonight we looked at a practice test he had nearly completed. For the most part, all the student really needed tonight were a few clarifications and re-explanations; he had most of the concepts down.

This session we covered the basic principles in Geometry and Spatial Reasoning. In this subject we broke it down into simple subjects such as line and angle relationships, polygons and angles, and congruent polygons. Practice problems were done and the concept was taught very fluently. For the second half of the session we covered the basics of nonlinear functions and polynomials. The actions of graphing functions such as y=mx+b or y=x^2. After this we worked on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing monomials and polynomials. Homework problems were given at the end of the session (9 problems) to which I will check during the next session which will occur two weeks from now.

The student and I started off by doing a very long, 60-question multiple choice math drill. She only missed 5 problems, which is a great sign. We then went over some vocabulary words from her prep book, which she had not yet studied. I had her make example sentences for each word to help her remember the definitions.

I gave the student an exercise today to help boost his self-confidence.  He went through all 60 questions of a practice math test one at a time on his own and I gave him positive reinforcement while letting him know each time he answered a question correctly.  Out of the first 30, Dane was able to answer 25 questions completely on his own.

The student and I worked on math word problems, proportions and vocabulary. He is gaining a better understanding of how to use the context of the questions to properly answer the problem. We also practiced setting up formulas, using examples from the book.

We studied for the student's English test over Arabic and Persian literature. He read the stories in class but doesn't remember them well, so he's going to review them tonight before the test. We focused on the historical context, key terms, and authors.

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