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-New York Times
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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We talked about what the student found challenging when she took the SAT in November. Based on this, we mainly focused on writing multiple choice and reading sections. We discussed specific grammatical principles (to be expanded on in future sessions) as well as overall test-taking strategies.

Biology - we began to review for the student's test on Tuesday (eukaryotes vs. prokaryotes, organelles in cells, etc.). Will finish the review pack tomorrow. English - She is editing two of her essays. We looked at her teacher's comments and discussed how to best incorporate them into her papers.

We covered topics in AP Statistics such as outliers, interquartile range, median, mean, standard deviation, box plots, stem and leaf plots, histograms, standard normal distribution, regression line, correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination, and simple random sampling. We reviewed midterms of the semester and concentrated on missed problems. In addition, we practiced a sample exam of AP Statistics.

Today we continued to review calorimetry, both electrical and thermal. He had questions with dimensional analysis, so we spent some time today reviewing the method employed in the curriculum and the units that they use. We have another scheduled session for Tuesday night and I will be bringing him large amounts of review material for his quarterly test on Thursday.

The session started with the student and I reviewing the math test she had in school. We discussed each of the problems. Next I provided her with practice problems surrounding percentage, commission, sales tax, discounts, and mark ups. After reviewing each of the problems and verbally explaining how she arrived to her answer, she then completed her math homework. She was required to identify types of triangles and find the missing angle measurement. The session ended with her reading the first couple of pages of Of Mice and Men.

The student and I covered solving for variables and learning how to create equations through a word problem. She got 3 out of 5 questions that I gave her correct. She seems to struggle more with order of operations and the rules of simplifying and solving for variables. I left the student with 7 questions as practice for next time. My only concern is I hope that the student will understand the concepts of simplifying and solving for variables because it will be crucial when her class moves on to more difficult ideas and topics.

I brought some worksheets with activities where the student had to match a word with it's beginning sound. I thought it would last over a few days, but she finished it in the first 10 minutes. We went through the names and sounds of the consonant and went over the vowels and their sounds. She knew the vowel sounds for a and o. She did two worksheets identifying and writing uppercase and lowercase e, f, g, and h. She did very well. We did phonics drills with vc, cv, and cvc words. She does very well with the spelling. I explained rhymes and she understood the concept. This helped her understand blending the letters better and she did very well with rhyming.

The student had taken a biology test last week over cellular respiration (glycolysis, tricarboxylic acid cycle, and oxidative phosphorylation) that went reasonably well. These questions are based on analyzing data that is given on the test, such as various graphs and figures with short descriptions of experimental procedures. We went through each one and discussed the correct way to approach these types of questions.

The student and I went over all the homework he had for the week so far, involving solving equations with rational functions. He seemed to grasp the method rather clearly. We continue to work on finding the LCD and forgetting to bring a negative through. He did very well as usual.

The session focused on general probability, combinations, set theory (unions, intersection etc.), and conditional probabilities. The student showed signs of improvement in terms of solving probability problems and working with combinations.

We focused specifically on math this session, going over permutations/combinations, quadratic equations, and geometric shapes, practicing several problems for each. We then went through several practice SAT sections of math, where Thomas continued to have a good grasp of fundamental concepts. He only needs to practice more with the difficult problems and avoid trivial errors along the way. Over an entire test, he scored around a 600 for math, which is a great start. With continued exposure and practice, he should be able to shoot for at least the upper 600s. I recommended that he do at least a practice section from each of math, writing, and reading, as well as to practice as much as he can from the educational website.

Today we reviewed for his solids exam tomorrow morning. We covered Mohr's circle, cuts for total moments, deriving stress in the wall for spheres and cylinders, and calculating second moments for various shapes.

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