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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


  • The tutors adapt teaching styles to match your learning style
  • One-on-one teaching is more captivating than group instruction
  • Frequent feedback enables students to progress faster and with minimal stress
  • The tutors evaluate each session to ensure clients understand their progress and learning road map

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student sent me over his paper, which I edited for him. I just used track changes ... I checked for basic grammatical errors, typos, problems in flow, transitions, etc. I think it turned out well.

The student was reviewing the last two sections that were covered in class, which are the last two sections that will be covered for the whole year. The sections included Algebra review, graphing linear equations, using information to create equations of lines and then graphing them. He was having very little trouble with this section, and was able to work through all the extra practice problems for the sections fairly easily, only with small negative sign and arithmetic errors.

First meeting with client: went over goals, expectations, and abilities. Client wants son in a private school because she feels that her son is not being challenged. After working with the student, I can see why. The student is incredibly smart. I think he will score well on ISEE. He should do well on his exams as well.

We reviewed strategies for manipulating algebraic equations, which showed 60% improvement from last session. We discussed and practiced with strategies for writing section multiple choice questions. The student had to correct her "pre" answers using the new strategies and showed 100% improvement.

First, we discussed a paper he had gotten back from his teacher that we had reviewed during tutoring. He had done well on the assignment with very few corrections needed. Then, we annotated chapter 7 and half of chapter 8.

The student and I studied for his test on the Catcher in the Rye for this Thursday. We began by reviewing the final two chapters of the book and then talking about some broad themes and motifs. Then we looked specifically at the study guide provided by his instructor. We worked through each of the listed characters and plot moments and discussed their significance. We used an online directory of the page numbers to locate each of the characters and the plot moments. We read the sections of the book pertaining to them and then discussed their significance. At the end of the session, we drew out a plan for his studying for the rest of the week. He will meet with a student from his class to discuss the book further throughout the week (during his study period on Thursday for a final session), and then he will privately review the yellow study sheet pertaining to methods of humor.

The student & I went over exponential and linear functions, including how to solve and how to graph both. We proceeded to go over simple interest and compound interest. I gave her both formulas and she solved the problems on her worksheet for class.

Went over all topics (English History, Math, Biology) to discuss problems and improvements to studying strategies. Introduced use of planner to supplement internet syllabuses and had the student reorganize his loose papers.

Student 1: We discussed electronegativity and ionization energies in the periodic table.

Student 2: She did her homework regarding early multiplication concepts and then we practiced subtracting large numbers and "borrowing." We even got up to subtracting the 10,000s place!

We reviewed for the student's Biology test by making an index card he can using during the test. On the card we wrote notes covering these topics with examples and diagrams when appropriate: Types of Selection - Stabilizing - Directional -Disruptive Types of Evolution - Divergent - Convergent - Parallel Reproductive Isolation types - Geographic - Temporal - Behavioral - Mechanical We also went over his Trigonometry homework and reviewed for his upcoming quiz.

The student worked on finishing his addition homework. He also read a story and answered comprehension questions. He did well on both things, so we covered a new reading strategy. We also covered place value and read "Go Dog Go."

We talked in the past tense, practicing the preterit and imperfect. We also used the subjunctive to make recommendations and suggestions. The student has to work on two verbs together (not to put "a" between) and the construction (tener que) She also needs to work on the adjective agreement. I see marked improvement from our first session.

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Each tutor provides high quality instruction that can lead to markedly better results. Students in Atlanta, GA find themselves more confident and more prepared to face challenging tests and attain top scores with help from a tutor.


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