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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Today the student and I discussed VSEPR theory and how it's used to predict electron and molecular geometries based on the number of electron densities and lone pairs. She did very well. We then began discussing inverse relations in algebra.

In this session, I taught the student exactly how I wanted the vocabulary notecards made. He did not have a dictionary on hand, so we went searching for a good one which contained a thesaurus. We returned and completed a few cards together. Then, I let him do about 2-3 cards on his own. He did them all correctly.

The student and I went over her final exam review that her teacher gave her class. It was a lot less material than we anticipated to be on the final for which she had been preparing the last few sessions. She should do very well on the final exam if it only covers the material her teachers put on the review since she knew how to do all of that material.

I summarized all the topics and strategies we had discussed thus far. We also discussed how to improve the essay score on the writing section and then went over practice questions for all three sections.

Today, we covered math homework from the GRE. Something has clicked and the student approaches the problems in a much more consistent and logical way. There are still things she hasn't seen yet, and areas she needs to review, but she has made incredible strides towards being prepared for the math part of the GRE, and it has been very rewarding to watch her grow. Towards the end of the session, we brainstormed ideas for how to expand her last personal essay into a longer format for her next application. She left with several great ideas and we are going to revise and polish the changes tomorrow.

I continued going over the reading section of the students test prep homework. Mother has not provided me yet with her current scores and progress, though she did inform me that the student was tested for reading at first grade level, and is getting Reading intervention at school The students focus and motivation affects her ability to take her time and sound out words properly. I assigned her a reading log, specifically for her and I to go over so that she gets practice retelling what she reads in written form.

First I answered the student's questions on the geometry assignment I gave him. Then we discussed algebra and functions, during which I explained several question types and discussed the best strategies for dealing with them. Then I introduced him to some strategies for tackling long reading passages. I assigned him math problems along with reading two long passages (one single, one pair).

The session centered on the student's pre-calculus course. We reviewed section 6.5 of the pre-calculus text, which covered complex numbers, their representations, operations, and roots along with de Moivre's theorem. After completing many of his homework problems, he glanced at future work with some direction. Five flashcards were created to help him with future study, and he clearly delineated his future goals for the course. He wants to understand everything thoroughly. He has a quiz this Friday. This student has a clear sense of what is so far misunderstood, and is eager to learn the proper methods and calculations, which he absorbs very quickly.

The student is doing well. He has improved significantly on the math, and is improving his handle on the grammatical concepts on the multiple choice. The big thing right now is still for him to develop his vocabulary. I've really emphasized this to him, and I'm hopeful that he'll use the strategies I showed him on a daily basis to strengthen this area. Next week, our session is going to include a session on the essay.

I spent the majority of the time with the student editing her most recent public policy paper. The focus of the paper was on the role of private foundations in local and state government. Her paper focused on the Casey Foundation's 3rd Grade Reading initiative. With English as a second language, she wanted me to focus on grammar, sentence structure, and word choice. The paper is due by the end of the day on Wednesday so I will continue to edit the paper digitally and we will meet again on Tuesday March 24th.

Started the session checking for missing work and assuring all homework was written in agenda and in the correct binders in the backpack. The student had everything turned in and brought home the correct materials for homework. We completed her math homework on using variables in math sentences as well completing note taking on the Han Dynasty and the Silk Road for social studies. There were no concerns for this session.

Worked with the student on rules for circles, tangents, and secants for her test. She understands the concepts well, and just needed to go over more advanced questions again. Also will work with her on her midterm later this week.

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