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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


  • Teaching style is tailored to the needs of each student
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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The session today with the student involved using inherent properties of triangles with defined angle sets, and using those properties to find unknown sides. After we went through the concepts. She easily completed all her assignments.

As the ACT is just around the corner, we took some time to go over another one of the student's practice tests. Both the exam material and the test-taking strategies have been difficult to master, especially considering that there are four extremely different sections to work on. Our work will continue to center around coming up with answers as quickly yet accurately as possible. Pacing himself is key, but reading every word of the question will be crucial when he takes the exam and will help him achieve the high composite score he is aiming for.

The student brought a completed math section and an essay to today's session. The essay, except for some a few minor details in the evidence, was clear and cogent. We will continue to focus on math. I assigned her additional math practice problems to complete prior to our next session to help strengthen her math skills.

With student #1, we went over multiplying fractions by whole numbers. With student #2, we went over finding the volume of various geometric shapes. By the end of the session, both children were able to perform their exercises correctly.

Today we covered math specifically. The student was having trouble with ratios and geometry, so we spent the bulk of the time just going over different strategies to tackle those types of problems. For now, I deemed it necessary to give her the skills necessary to tackle future problems. Again, I told her to study vocab words and keep taking tests.

The session continued focusing on preparing the student for his Spanish 2 final exam. We created a study sheet with conjugated present and past tense verbs, reviewed vocabulary, and practiced answering questions and writing answers. We also reviewed providing directions.

We started the new spelling unit. The student did very well in reading the passage which introduced the words and in completing the following exercises. One exercise is always on proofing, and he was particularly involved in that. He enjoyed approaching it as a "detective," looking for clues in the sentences as to what could be wrong. He did a very good job of finding the errors in the sentences, i.e., misspelled words, capitalization, and punctuation. We practiced the new words and I asked him to go over them before our next session. Dependably, the student was hardworking and very pleasant. I also reminded him about slowing down in his reading and in completing exercises. He seems to be trying hard and it has helped.

The student had been absent from school this past week, so we spent some time catching her up in math, French, and English. Began work on algebra/geometry math packet. Went over health-related vocabulary for French quiz tomorrow, using vocabulary words in original sentences as well as completing exercises from the text book. Ended with reading Act I of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Helped define archaic vocabulary, identify literary devices, and clarify allusions/themes.

The student did a full practice essay to start and was able to finish her essay in the allotted time. Next, she practiced outlining, writing introductions and writing conclusions. She has really improved her outlining skills. I plan on working on introductions and conclusions in the next two sessions.

The student continues to work diligently on the verbal section. At this point, it doesn't look like a single clear solution is going to present itself. I was pleased to see that, on a recent assessment, she did very well on the humanities passages; They had been the primary focus of our study, and her performance was nearly equal to her performance on the science passages. Social sciences continue to be somewhat elusive, but not nearly as much time has been devoted to them. I will look for additional passages, and we'll keep hitting the books.

I did an extensive review of graphing sin and cos with the student, and also reviewed how to graph secant and cosecant. It took a while, but after a few tries he was able to get it. I am going to give him more practice problems tomorrow. We also did some end of chapter questions on toxicology for his Forensics class and reviewed Act IV of Macbeth for his quiz on Friday.

The student and I worked through finding shaded areas from circle that had polygons inscribed in them. We also talked about how to find the area of any regular polygon from the use of the apothem and the perimeter.

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