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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student had a vocab test so we will focus on that today. We worked on the difference between la sala and el suelo (living room and floor/flooring). I also suggested he study his ordinal words, but I feel he made progress while we were studying today.

Reviewed over some earlier topics to determine what his current level of understanding was. Then covered topics for his upcoming exam, primarily systems of linear equations in 2 variables and graphing systems of inequalities.

The student and I studied for her upcoming test by using jeopardy-like questions about the Middle Ages, the Crusades, and Arab empires. We also used a reader's theater script to role-play different characters in world history. Finally, she and I watched a video about early civilizations and ordered them chronologically. Throughout the session, I sprinkled in random questions about the content to assess her knowledge and progress.

The student and I went over strategies for the ACT Science section. I taught her about the three types of science questions (data analysis, experimental analysis, and literature analysis), and I gave her strategies for each type, which involved analyzing the graphs and tables and finding the hypotheses. I also taught her to split up the questions by experiment number. She did very well on the data analysis and experimental analysis passages; she struggled a little bit with the literature analysis, but we can continue working on that in the next sessions. After the science passages, we did about 15 math problems with assorted topics. I was impressed by her problem-solving ability.

The student has a final exam in chemistry on Thursday, so she asked me to have a session. We went over her practice exam and study guide for the final. We went over Lewis dot structures, electron configurations, naming compounds, and properties of the periodic table. We didn't go through all of the study materials, so I stressed the importance of reading through the materials before her exam. She is able to quickly understand many of the concepts we go over, so I encouraged her to just read through the packet so that she will be able to answer questions on the test that she otherwise may not have known.

We worked with naming polynomials based off the number of terms and degree. The student did very well. It was an easy topic and she worked through her homework independently. I have no concern about her mastery of this topic.

We started our work on section 6.3 today, covering the Pythagorean theorem and quadratic functions. Specifically, we learned how to solve problems of area and side length using quadratic functions. We continued moving at a slow pace and the student worked through the problems fairly independently, as these are very similar to 6.2 word problems. We continued to work on extrapolating smaller, easier mathematical concepts in order to solve word problems, i.e.. creating easier diagrams to understand what steps must be taken to solve. He made good progress in this regard today.

In today's session we looked further into the areas that the student wanted to cover more in depth. We started with a refresher on the constitution and Bill of Rights. We then discussed the US economic system, discussing capitalism, corporate cultures and business practices.

The remainder of lesson 14 consisted of dividing improper fractions, whole numbers by fractions, and mixed numbered fractions. The student caught on to the rules and shortcuts for dividing fractions quickly, but still may want additional practice with adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators.

Great Last Session! Excellent work reviewing last PTs and question. Reviewed final questions and test day tips including getting sleep and good meals. Instructed to BRING WATCH for test day. Reviewed and graded last essays for PT. They did will and made solid improvement. A pleasure to work with them.

Today, the student and I covered physics with topics including heat capacity and conservation of energy. We also discussed geometry topics including the law of sines and cosines. There were no scores/grades to note progress. The student needs to continue on working on understanding the concepts we discussed. There is no extra practice. He has homework leftover in both subjects. I have no concerns.

The student has a quiz in Geometry tomorrow on circles and angles within circles. We worked through a worksheet given to him by his teacher. The first six problems were fairly straightforward and each only detailed a single theorem. The last three problems were very complicated and required the used of most of the theorems at once. He originally mixed up the difference between the chord-chord equation and the secant-tangent/secant-secant equation, but we cleared that up fairly quickly and he did well on the worksheet. After finishing the worksheet we reviewed Chapter 9 in his Geometry book. It dealt with special triangles, altitude relationships, the Pythagorean theorem, and the distance formula. We went through the toughest problems in the chapter review together.

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