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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

This session we discussed inventory valuation. Problems included inventory valued using LIFO, FIFO, Weighed-Average, and Specific identification methods. We calculated cost of goods available for sale and cost of goods sold. We discussed the relationship of ending inventory, COGS, and COGAS.

The student and I went over science (working on "shortcuts") and math, focusing as usual on pacing strategies. We also did a bit of the other two sections. Getting science and reading pacing up without sacrificing accuracy is a priority.

Worked with student 1 on percentages, proportions, and probability. He's doing a lot better. His trouble with percentages comes from not setting up a problem correctly. He does very well once he slows down.  Worked with student 2 on word problems involving multiplication and division. She usually does well, but missed quite a few due to overconfidence. Once the questions were presented to her again, she got them right without a problem or need for assistance.

Reviewed the student's practice test and went over the questions he missed. We had a little time left over after that, so we worked on building his vocabulary. The student understands the concepts very well and is a quick learner. I think most of our work will focus on improving his confidence and practicing so that he can build both speed and accuracy. We will also focus on building his vocabulary, as that is holding him back on the Critical Reading section.  He is a smart kid and is preparing far in advance so I think he has a good shot at being a National Merit Scholar.

The student and I reviewed for her upcoming geometry test and went over review sheets that her teacher gave out. She knows the formulas for finding area and perimeter but needs to be more attentive when she reads the problem. She remembered how to solve the 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles. I've tried to help her get comfortable using fractions and reducing them. While she is still not completely comfortable, she is better and is starting to use them more frequently without my assistance.

Over the weekend, the student took a progress Diagnostic Test. I was given the results and the incorrect questions. So we started off the session going over every incorrect question. She only missed one from Math, so all the questions we went over was Reading and Writing. The Sections we went over included 2, 5, 7, and 9. We wrote what she could have done to avoid the mistake next to every question. Afterwards, she took Section 9 of Old SAT Test 8 (timed). For HW, I assigned the Pre-Test in the SAT Writing Workbook.

The student and I went over math multiplication facts. We also practiced with a card game. I talked to her about test taking strategies so she would be calmer during some of her tests. Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday at 4:00.

Today the student and I worked on third grade level high-frequency words. Today we looked at isolated words and worked on breaking them down and sounding them out. I think this will help his confidence while reading, since he will know how to approach the word. The student is really good at learning words once he has seen them once. We went back to the list after a little while and he was able to recall them with no problem. He also wrote a short story and read it back to me. His vocabulary is great, and his fluency while reading his own work is wonderful.

Our session today was about the muscular and nervous systems. We spent time reviewing concepts and diagrams from the textbooks, and worked together to answer the essay questions. Overall, a good session!

The student completed her geometry assignments on proportions of triangles and geometric means.  I helped check her work, and clarified concepts through demonstrations.  The student completed additional book problems for practice.  The student mentioned she has a test in math on Wednesday next week, so we will have time to review on Tuesday.

The student has a quiz coming up on informal commands, affirmative and negative. We reviewed what she has learned in class and went over her notes on commands. Then we did two sets of exercises on the computer where she typed in the informal commands. She scored well on the long assessment and is ready to take the quiz in class. Then, we reviewed vocabulary for Chapter 3 in her textbook.

Creative writing.
Proofread the student's latest draft for content, correctness and clarity. She is making small but noticeable improvements.

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