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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We worked on chapter 3 and the first half of chapter 4. Ch 3 is systems of functions and linear programming. We covered a couple of different problem solving strategies for systems of equations with two and three variables. We also did some practice with the graphing calculator to find solutions through graphs and tables. In chapter 4 we looked at two different forms for writing quadratic functions, strategies to convert between the forms, and practiced generating equations given a set of points on a parabola. The student seems comfortable with the concepts. I will keep emphasizing problem-solving strategies, showing his work, and neatly organizing work.

With less than a week to go before the SAT, we did not focus on structure or background, and just worked through as many problems as possible -- in particular logical reasoning and logic games. We worked on setting up outlines of the logic games that the client can work with during the test.

Today we reviewed the student's most recent test. He knows the material and can easily answer most questions. I stressed the importance of reading carefully and double checking his work. We discussed operations with fractions, and did various practice problems from his textbook. We also reviewed his homework and some word problems.

We made sure the student felt solid about English. We reviewed English vocabulary some more and moved on to Spanish vocab. We also worked on irregular past tense verb conjugation, as well as regular past tense and present tense verb forms. The student was assigned to: Review English flash cards Review Fahrenheit451 and Antigone notes Final edits to Global fact sheet

The student had three web assignments to work on today. Her physics class is starting the parts of the atom and how charges interact with each other. I'm making her write down the explanations to her web assignments in a different notebook to create a summary sheet she can study from more efficiently.

We started with just an overview of the SAT and what she felt most comfortable with. Since the student felt that writing was her weakness, we spent the first hour reviewing the format of a good persuasive essay and techniques specifically for SAT writing. We then switched to math and talked about some test taking techniques along with working some problems. Same thing for fill in the blank vocab problems. According to her last SAT scores and my observations today, we need to work most on retaining information and testing strategies, with less of a focus on writing essays because her score was good. I left her with several things to practice for next time (practice math and reading sections as well as essays). We will review those next time.

During this session the student and I continued reviewing material for her upcoming exam on electrostatics. While there are still a handful of conceptual hang-ups, she is becoming more comfortable with this topic. I think the best strategy is to have her redo the problems we worked on (without looking at her notes) and then she and I can engage in a discussion about any mistakes.

I have noticed that the student is getting a lot better in regards to her confidence and asking people for help. She went to tutoring now, and I have pushed her to answer her own questions by working out the problems step-by-step. We met today since she has a quiz on Friday. We started with solving equations with natural logarithms and "e". She did well, since she had already completed her homework with her teacher before I arrived. We also reviewed log-base ten equations, and graphing the parent function of the square root of "x" along with shifting it horizontally, vertically, and shrinking or stretching the graph.

The student and I worked on her literature homework. We spent time identifying key vocabulary words and discussing their definition and etymology. We also discussed several strategies for maintaining her reading journal for this month's book report. I suggested working with a color coordinated note system that she may respond well to.

We finished the math section, did a science section, and did half of a writing section. So far the student is stronger at science and writing than he is at math. I told him to review what we've already gone over and we'll go from there next time.

Good session with the student this week. We finished reading an adapted version of Shakespeare's Henry IV. I try to ask him questions about each page that he reads and he often has to re-read parts to find the answer, but this is normal with reading at his level.

The student and I covered finding probabilities of various events using the Binomial Distribution. We also covered how to calculate the slope and intercept of a regression line given several data points. He does not have a strong math background, which makes interpreting statistics notation a little challenging. We plan to meet again tomorrow.

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