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We worked on chemical equilibrium this session. We discussed the difference between K and Q, and under what conditions would warrant solving for one variable vs. another. We talked about when you would use ICE to solve a problem as well, and I helped her work through two difficult problems.

During this session, the student posed questions relevant to her upcoming exam. We spent a large portion of time on acid-base chemistry by reviewing the definitions of acids and bases and reviewing how to determine conjugate acids and conjugate bases in a reaction. The student picked it up with time. We discussed semipermeable membranes as they relate to osmosis, hydrogen bonding, and solving osmolarity calculation problems.

In our final session, the student and I focused on the math section of the ACT. We worked through the more difficult problems together, and I explained alternative methods for finding the correct answer, if possible.

The student and I first covered the basic structure of the test, and the testing environment. We then tried out a few basic timed writing practices, and different writing and outlining techniques. We practiced skills for the reading section, by analyzing difficult passages from an anthropological text.

Today the student and I worked on a cross-section of the test again. His parents have been reviewing vocabulary with him, and he seemed more confident when it came to identifying words. He remains really strong with analogies, as well, and I don't anticipate any problems in that area. The math is more challenging for him; a lot of it is above grade level. However, he has ways and means of figuring out/estimating problems on his own even when the material hasn't been taught to him. This is great. He wasn't aware that there will be a penalty for guessing on the SSAT, so we talked about that for a while. We will keep working on getting him in the mindset that it's ok--and actually beneficial--to skip questions.

The student and I covered input/output charts which are his current unit in class. We also practiced lengthy multiplication problems and long division. Other problems of the week involved deducting a certain percentage from a price and comparing deals.

Met for the first time. Completed an assessment, and worked on some creative writing. We focused on one idea and expanded. He has an assignment due next week to complete a page of writing on the subject we selected today. No concerns. His mom let me know that he receives good grades in his class.

The student and I went over her work over slope, quadrilaterals, distance, and midpoint formula. We also went over the properties of the different quadrilaterals and their similarities. I challenged her to continue studying and going over what we went over in preparation for her upcoming test tomorrow.

Today the student and I met to help her study for her first exam in the class. We had to spend a good portion of our time reviewing methods used to determine winners of elections. As we worked through the terminology, she seemed to be getting more confident with the material but wanted to be sure to practice in preparation for her exam.

Today the student completed the writing portion of the SAT. She did really well! We talked a lot about common questions like, agency, noun/pro-noun agreement, and keeping it simple. For next week she will complete practice test 5.

For our first session, the student wanted to learn kinematics. He and I worked on drawing the graphs of the displacement, velocity, and acceleration with respect to time. We also learned how to go between different graphs (velocity to displacement, velocity to acceleration, etc.) by studying how each lower-level kinematic function is the slope of the one above it. He learned the material quite well.

We did a quick review of prose (fiction & non-fiction) and then jumped back into poetry. The student is doing well, so for homework she should do the next practice test in the book, timed, so we can see her progress.

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