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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student has a test tomorrow so we just reviewed for it. It will be on linearization approximations and optimization using related rates. We did about five example problems for each. I brought him another handout in addition to the one I gave him on Monday that describes the steps used to optimize a value and find a constraint equation. We did a problems for volume, area, perimeter, revenue, and numeric value. We also approximated functions like sine and the fourth root in terms of linearization.

The student and I went over a bunch of different fundamental math concepts and did drills on algebra. We ended with a long discussion of linear equations and finding their slopes and graphing them from a pair of points.

Today's session was to help the student prepare for his Mandarin final. He was given a master list of vocabulary, a list of radicals he needed to know, and his study guide. We spent half of our session reviewing his vocabulary. I would give him the pronunciation and he would write the character, how to pronounce the character with the correct tone, as well as the English translation. Out of 109 vocabulary words, he only struggled with seven. After a short break, we went over the radicals and how to break down a character into the radicals. We also continued on and worked on a section of reading comprehension in his study guide. He is able to read and answer the questions with no problems. I have full confidence that he is going to pass this exam with flying colors.

The student had drafted out an essay based on the outline we created during our last session. We worked on separating his ideas into distinct paragraphs and cleaning up some stylistic and grammatical issues. He has been quickly picking up on how to make an essay flow in order to be more interesting and comprehensible to the reader.

The student returned today to predicate nominatives and indirect/direct objects. With the aid of a computer and some spare English books, we found a few concepts to make it easier. He finished the lesson, having absorbed the material well and achieved a 93% on his assessment.

The final deadline for her IB projects is getting closer. The student received some feedback from her advisors in English and history, so we revised the two papers based on their comments. A primary concern was that the Extended Essay did not contain enough direct citations, so she and I did some additional research and incorporated quotes into the essay. I also helped her identify where in the existing draft citations were required and explained that all material taken from another source must be cited, even if it is not a direct quote.

Covered surface areas of prisms, cones, pyramids, and cylinders. The student's teacher will be giving a quiz next week and she feels ready. She is still learning problems based on surface areas of prisms though she has mastered cones/pyramids/cylinders. She will be practicing problems on surface areas and volumes.

Using feedback from the student's English teacher, we read short passages and answered multiple choice questions that followed. He is quite capable and has a good analytical way of deciding on the correct answer. He just needs to take his time and not jump to the first choice he notices. Good job!

We got a lot done in a short amount of time. I had the student write a paragraph comparing and contrasting Lady Macbeth and Macbeth for his test on Wednesday. He then did some Trig homework on inverse trig functions, and I think he is really starting to get the hang of it! He did the homework assignment with hardly any trouble. After trig we reviewed forensics. He seems to understand the material better than yesterday.

This evening, the student and I worked on her social studies homework on "The Growth of Western Democracies". She is getting ready for a test this week, so we went over the critical thinking questions, at the end of each section of her textbook. We also reviewed her vocabulary, and the key ideas/concepts of the chapter. She plans to review the information with her instructor, to make sure she is on the right track for the test. We also discussed "To Kill a Mockingbird" and her upcoming project on the book. She has a lot of good ideas for the project (a newspaper) and she is looking forward to completing it.

The student completed a reading test since our last session, and she scored a 32 on it, which was a great improvement. We talked about the few questions that she missed, and the moved on to the science section. Together, we did a data representation passage, a research summaries passage, and a conflicting viewpoints passage. She did well on the data and research passages, but struggled a bit more with the conflicting viewpoints. I told her to focus on key words and the main idea while reading science passages, and not to get overwhelmed if she has not seen the topic before. For next time, I asked her to complete a practice science test.

During our session, the student and I expanded the Famous People section of his state project. We then worked on his cover page and adding visuals to his project. We also added sources to his bibliography.

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