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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


  • Teaching style is tailored to the needs of each student
  • One-on-one tutoring sessions are more engaging
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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Student said she was missing some notes and had got some answers wrong and need to correct them and study. Helped student to make corrections where needed and she broke down the notes according to the strategies I had shown her. She is learning what works for her in her studies. After we accomplished our goals for the session, the student was to spend more time studying history as well as biology to be prepared for her upcoming assessments in both classes.

The student had some math homework that focused on fractions. He was able to complete it quickly. We also reviewed the states. The student quickly identified 34 states and we added 5 more states. He also listed the abbreviations of each state independently on the map. The next session is on Friday at 4:30.

Today, the student and I continued to work on the verbal section of the practice placement test in preparation for her upcoming January 28th test. We laid an equal emphasis on the sentence completion, short passage, and long passage sections. She has shown improvement on the sentence completion sections, but requires some further work on the reading passages.

This was the last session before the student takes his ACT this Saturday.  We did a full length review of the Reading section and we also covered the overall strategy for the other sections.  I feel that the student has confidence going into the exam, and he knows the strategy for each section.  

Double-checked the student's mathematics homework, then continued to build knowledge of key chapter vocabulary. Also worked on distributive property with algebraic expressions, especially in regard to changing signs.

Today, I gave the student an assessment to see how many letters and sounds she has mastered. She has recognized all of her letters, but needs a little assistance on only a handful of sounds. She has been introduced to about 25-30 words and out of those, only 10 require a familiar book to remind her of what the word is. She has started to write in cursive and is doing well by challenging herself with reading books that are a little above her level. She has not gotten frustrated and continues to do a great job using strategies to sound out unfamiliar words. She is progressing well and will have no problem with reading above her level once she masters her sight words without assistance from previous books.

As planned, the student and I spent most of our time reviewing ACT math questions.  I demonstrated the strategy of working backwards, and using the answer choices to come to his answer when he can't really create an equation to solve a problem.  He sees that this can work. When we took a break from math, we did a few science passages together.  He does these quite slowly, but he gets to the right answer more often than not.  He has time-and-a-half for the test so the fact that he's working slowly shouldn't be a problem.  We will continue in this way throughout the coming week.

The student got her test back and did really well. After checking the few points she missed, we moved on to the current topic which is creating equations from word problems, plotting points, graphing them, and extrapolating data from the graph. She demonstrated a good handle on the class of problems at our last meeting as well!

The student and I reviewed polar coordinates and parametric equations. The goal was to have a good understanding of the material before she tests on it. The session was productive and she is almost an A student but we have to make sure that she will get A in the class as it is important for her at this point.

The student and I worked on her History of Photography discussion topic on putting a group of photos in order. We also worked on 3 posts to that same discussion thread.

Today we spent more time on math and went through an entire practice test. He did exceptionally well! He is very decisive and approaches questions appropriately. As for reading comprehension, he continues to make improvements as he becomes familiar with the process. He is on his way to reaching his goals! We also have month before his test. He will do great!

Today he worked on a worksheet involving the simple and compound interest rates and then rate of returns. I showed the student how to use his calculator to efficiently and accurately work through these problems. We then had to review the formulas for total and annual returns.

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