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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Today we worked on electricity, current, positive and negative charges, protons, neutrons, electrons, static electricity and conduction/insulation. The student seemed to really grasp the concepts after our session.

We talked about what the student found challenging when she took the SAT in November. Based on this, we mainly focused on writing multiple choice and reading sections. We discussed specific grammatical principles (to be expanded on in future sessions) as well as overall test-taking strategies.

We went over topics in both chemistry and biology that he was having some trouble with. We then discussed how he would split up his time studying for the SAT and the ACT and decided what he would have completed for next week's session.

The student worked on an essay. She brainstormed for 5 minutes and wrote for 20 minutes. She also worked on completing the 10th section of writing. We discussed more mechanics of the introduction and conclusion.

The student and I met and worked on adding/subtracting signed numbers as well as multiplying/dividing them with fractions. Some of the problems involved distributing signed numbers through multiplication with polynomials as well. She has an A in the class right now and is really just learning how to use her calculator to double check all of her work and for help when she has a test in the future. We are working on building her confidence so that she can be prepared for the midterm in a few months and not worry about not knowing how to do a problem.

The student answered timed physics questions from a website, and she showed improvement. I was pleased to hear she earned the third-highest grade on her recent exam. Overall, the session went well.

We reviewed physics topics, translational and rotational motion, work and energy, momentum, impulse, power, gravitational force, centripetal force. I provided the student with a review sheet including three passages. I believe he is a very strong test taker and has the potential to score in the top percentiles for this exam.

We went through the vectors and I explained how he can add, subtract and multiply them. We also covered scalar multiplication and unit vector. I asked him to solve 2-3 question for each part. Then we worked on vectors through sin and cos and related them. He is doing good and he understood what he has to do.

This was a really good session. We started with the homework the student was assigned last session, which was a formal outline for an essay she previously completed. She has a research paper due at the end of this semester for her music appreciation class, and her essay topic is due next week. We reviewed the assignment sheet her instructor posted, and brainstormed about possible subjects for the paper. She narrowed her topic to a specific performer she would like to write about, pending instructor approval. She prepared a working outline for the essay and made notations about which areas will need most research. We ended with free writing, and she was assigned one page of homework to complete before our next session.

I worked with the student on ballistics, thrust, sum of forces, and equations of motion today. She needed help with a take home exam (within her instructor's rules), so we went over the problems and worked from basic principles to get to equations she can use to solve the problems. She seems to be a very good student and made connections quickly.

Today we covered the basics of interpreting statistical data, estimating and calculating mean, median and mode, the properties of the normal distribution, and using the normal distribution to solve equations involving z-scores. The student had received a very rapid introduction to these topics, but had been left with a lot of questions about the application of the concepts to practice problems. We went over a number of problems from the course materials, with which he did very well. We decided to have him do further practice with z-scores on his own and bring any questions to the next session. Next time we will go over confidence intervals, statistical sampling methods and decision tree models.

We went over the student's test and quiz corrections for Physics. We went over momentum, kinetic and potential energy, and power. Overall, the student seemed to understand the material once the problems were set up. He did great at determining which formulas to use in a given problem.

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