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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

    The student and I worked on her vocabulary words for next week.  She is able to tell stories with the vocabulary words, and of course illustrates them really well!  We were able to finish 8 words and do some reading. We will be working on more of the words on Wednesday and Thursday.

Practiced free-response style AP calculus problems-- focused on starting, organizing, and breaking down problems so that they are more understandable. Once problems are started, she can solve them all the way through, but initial set up is a little difficult for her. Also reviewed unit-circle for calculus problems involving trig.

We discussed my GRE experience and strategies I learned. We reviewed difficult math problems from her practice exercises. I will create a verbal review and the remaining math review to prepare her for the test. It will be emailed this week.

Worked with Student 1 on math, still rations, proportions, and fractions.  He seems to be understanding better and can set up proportions much more quickly now.  Worked with Student 2 on her math homework, and then reviewed a presentation on Crow Indians for school.

The student and I spent most of today working through her Physics homework on calorimetry, specific heat, and latent heat. The conceptual part was a little more difficult at first, so we spent some time working through the material. At the very end, we got to some of her Pre-Calc homework, over applications of the Law of Cosines and the Law of Sines.

The student reviewed for a chapter test in math involving exponents and exponential functions.  He worked on graphing exponential functions and identifying growth and decay.    The other student  worked on ACT math problems and reviewed the concepts of exponents, scientific notation, quadratic equations, circles, triangles, etc.

Today the students and I worked through pre-calculus and physics homework. In pre-calc, we covered logarithms and graphing. In physics, we worked on kinematics, specifically projectile motion problems.

The student and I met for the first time today. The student took the October SAT and scored in the mid to upper 600's in Reading and Writing, and 550 in math.   She is satisfied with her reading and writing scores and hopes to bring her math score up to be in line. The student did 2 math sections of a sample SAT so that I could assess her skills. She works slowly and meticulously, making few, if any, minor errors. Our plan is to complete many math sections, both as homework and together, so that the question formats will become more familiar to the student and she will be able to recognize the problem type and utilize the appropriate strategy more quickly.

For this session we prepared strictly for the student's chemistry final. To accomplish this we went through her entire review as we had the answer key to compare our answers to. We compared the answers she did herself, then we completed the ones she skipped as I explained each one to her. We then practiced on a practice problem worksheet to ensure strength in the areas where she was weak.

More test practice and preparation. The student does very well with fast reading, but sometimes doesn't pay attention to the question being asked. She is also very good at math, but really takes her time and moves slowly. So we worked mostly on compensating for those challenges. I think she will do well on her exam tomorrow, she is a very bright girl!

Today we worked on math again. We did homework and made sure the student felt ready for his test on Friday. We also spent time talking about college requirements for academics and athletics. We discussed actions the student can take now to help him get into the school he wants. A good session overall.

The student and I spent our time working through polar graphing. We worked specifically on limniscons and lumniscates. He seemed much more comfortable with all concepts and how to attack them after our session. We'll see how his quiz grades come back next week.

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