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We require the most rigorous qualifications of our New York City tutors, in addition to a background check. Only a tiny fraction of those candidates who apply ultimately make it through our demanding interview process and become a Varsity Tutor in New York City, NY.


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The Instruction and Approach Are Tailored to You


Our skilled directors carefully consider your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and learning preferences when choosing your tutor in New York City .


Our New York City tutors customize your lessons and present concepts in engaging, easy-to-understand ways.


You can learn more efficiently and effectively because the teaching style is tailored to you.


We'll find an effective New York City, NY tutor for you based around your schedule.

A dedicated director will be available to ensure your sessions are progressing effectively.

Individualized Tutoring Generates Better Results

...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


  • The tutors design their lessons with your input and learning profile in mind
  • One-on-one teaching is more captivating than group instruction
  • Frequent feedback enables students to progress faster and with minimal stress
  • Comprehensive session evaluations from your tutor identify your progress and areas needing improvement

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We guarantee your tutor satisfaction because we are committed to offering our New York City clients a superior tutoring experience and an exceptional tutor.

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I identified best practices from tests that have gone well for him in the past and from those, made a list of "Actionable Items" that he can take this week to try and recreate those best practices for every test. The list included asking for a syllabus from his teacher so he can plan ahead for tests, requesting practice tests and an overview of the test format, and speaking with his teachers about acceptable tools he can bring to tests to help him relax. We also began a list of stress relief strategies and next week we will work to adapt these strategies to a test taking environment.

Math- fractions, expressions, decimals, mixed numbers, and word problems Reading- Comprehension passage. The student is improving her time and accuracy. She did extremely well on her math problems today. We need to continue working on reducing, adding, and subtracting fractions. We also need to continue discussing parts of a whole.

I worked with the student with her transition words (first, second, etc. and next, also, then, finally). She also read a chapter in her book for me. I continued to work with timing and giving breaks as an incentive. She did better with that and immediately came back to the work.

The student and I began going over the math sections from the upper level practice SSAT test I provided him. I asked him to rework the ones he missed the first time that we didn't get to on his own and take notes on which ones he had conceptual difficulty with (instead of arithmetic difficulty.)

The student worked on English passages. I left her with three more passages for homework. Rather than have her do them in order, I divided them up based on grammar concepts. She could see the various questions that all have to do with grammar. She knows grammar well and this will help her gain confidence. We also practiced two reading passages, one of which she did well on the first try. We did some practice science passages both together and on her own, and she excelled at those.

Today the student and I reviewed for her upcoming vocabulary test. We reviewed the extra practice I had given her for Lesson 20 and reviewed the definitions she wrote down for all of the words as homework. I quizzed her verbally on Lessons 17-20 and starred the words that she had difficulty with. She then created a sentence verbally using the words she missed.

The student told me that she believes she did well on her test on integrals. Today we focused on computing the limit of integrals using summation. She seemed challenged by the material at first; however, as we did more problems, she was able to completely grasp the concept. We completed the homework assignment, and moved ahead. We started the new lesson with summation rules, and completed half of the assignment. She should be familiar with it when the teacher teaches it in class the next day.

For our last session, we went over a number of practice questions in various topics and formats. We also discussed general test-taking strategies like pacing, guessing, time management, and what to expect on exam day.

Today the student and I studied for her next "outcome". It consists of figuring out the other trig functions given one of them, calculating all sides and angles of a triangle using trig, and scaling up a triangle given a trig function. The student and I did some homework together, a worksheet together, I wrote her a second worksheet, and then I wrote her a third practice worksheet (with answers) to complete by herself on Thursday evening before her quiz.

During our session, the student and I worked on his writing assignment for conditional statements, which included inverses, converses, and contrapositives. We then completed the lesson four review sheet. After that, he took the conditional statement quiz.

Today we reviewed a test that the student had returned to him. We went over the problems he missed to discuss where we needed to correct the work as well as identify which points of the material that require more attention. Afterward, we discussed series and the ways in which test for convergence of series.

The student is making great progress in catching up in both SS and English. Today, we spent the entire session on the SS Lesson where she was asked to write about 3 ancient Chinese artifacts, each from a different dynasty. The assignment stressed being creative and having fun with it (making stuff up that sounds reasonable based on what was learned from the lesson) AND to include certain information about the political and other situations of the day. The student read the lesson, taking notes, and then wrote the paragraphs. She will photograph and submit the lesson. It seems that putting ideas into her own words is becoming easier for her.

We Get Results

Our tutors have a track record of excellent results for our New York City tutoring students. Personalized tutoring allows these students to grow academically and approach their studies with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.


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The decision to enlist outside help when it comes to your student’s education is not one to be taken lightly. We understand the reservations you may have about spending your time and money on outside educational resources you are unfamiliar with, but that is exactly why Varsity Tutors was founded: to create a trustworthy, reliable, high-quality private tutoring service option to help New York City students and their families achieve academic success.

The One-on-One Approach

We know every individual student learns differently, which is why we stay away from the common “one size fits all” tactic used by many group prep courses. Our NY educational directors work with you from the very beginning to identify what kind of learner your student is, where their academic strengths and weaknesses lie, what kind of instructor they learn best from, and so on. We believe that paying attention to these kinds of details is precisely what sets private tutoring apart from the multitude of other test prep options out there. At Varsity Tutors, your student is personally paired with one of our brilliant tutors in the New York City area – a private tutor specifically chosen by our directors who they know will be a great fit for your student. This hand-picked tutor will develop a customized curriculum for your child based on the specific end goals at hand. Unlike in a classroom setting, your child’s lesson plan will not move ahead until he or she fully understands the preceding material. Our individualized approach ensures your student is getting the attention they deserve as they work to meet their learning goals.

Tutors With Equally Impressive Grades and Personalities

From our perspective, it is not enough for our tutors to simply hold remarkable test scores – tutors must be personable and highly effective at communicating material in an easy-to-understand manner. We have turned away tutor applicants with perfect test scores because they were not extraordinary teachers. When our directors search for the perfect New York City tutor to work with your student, you can be assured that they are choosing from a pool of exceptional instructors who have been thoroughly screened. We believe it is equally important for a tutor to serve as a mentor to the student, as well as a teacher. Our students not only receive educational support from their tutor to ensure they are making progress in their learning, they also receive emotional support to keep them motivated and encouraged throughout the process. It can be easy for students to lose determination and feel the need to give up when faced with academic frustration; that is why we are so careful about the tutors we select in order to ensure they are the right types of people capable of keeping your student on track.

Any Grade Level, Any Subject, Any Test

Our network of top tutors in New York City, NY ensures we consistently have someone ready to work with students of any age, on any exam or any academic subject. Rather than just focusing on a few specialties, Varsity Tutors has experts ready to work with students from elementary through graduate school levels. Whether they need help preparing for the SAT, GMAT, SHSAT, TACHS, ISEE, or assistance in any area of the STEM subjects, English, history, foreign languages, and so on.

Varsity Tutors is genuinely invested in helping students of all levels succeed in their education. We take great pride in our individualized approach, high-caliber selection of tutors, and wide range of subject-area specialties. Give our New York City directors a call, or fill out the contact form on our website, and we will happily explain to you how our NYC private tutoring packages can vastly change your student’s academic future for the better.