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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Finished the chapter on fiscal policy, both expansionary and contractionary. We focused on the different effects from government spending or using tax cuts. We then reviewed the last couple of chapters and old quizzes for an upcoming qualifier.

Today the student and I worked on a nonfiction book that we started last time that I was there. We worked on the rest of the sight word worksheets so that I can go ahead and make flash cards for him to practice while I am not there. We ended with a chapter from his new book and talked about the chapter throughout. We read this by him reading a page and then me reading a page.

We began our session by focusing on the Grid-In Math questions that the student seems to need the most help with. We did two sets of practice questions which she did very well on. She only struggled with the last question of each set, which was the hardest. These questions were both daunting at first glance because of the lack of numerical values given, but we worked on strategies on how to approach such questions. Next we went over the two math sections she completed before our session. She has been doing very well and seems very comfortable with all of the material. She will complete one full length practice exam before our next session, so we may get a sense of her progress.

We covered amino acids, nucleic acids, and digestion during this session. The student had a pretty good understanding of these concepts before the session began so I believe we were able to really cement the key ideas in this section. She has a test tomorrow so we spent the last half hour reviewing the material we had already covered in our last session. She has been reviewing and knew most of this material as well so hopefully she will do well tomorrow.

The student and I covered an overview of the assessment, answering questions she had and talking about strategy. We covered a science section together, discussing how to quickly and correctly choose answers. She is going to do an entire practice test in order to give us a an idea of where she is starting.

The student needed to complete a short essay for Social Studies. We discussed the basic format: topic sentence, body sentences, and concluding sentence. The student had some difficulty organizing his supporting facts into complete sentences. He will need more guided practice with the fundamentals of outlining/writing essays before he can do this successfully by himself. This exercise, along with comments from his dad, have led me to the conclusion that he needs more practice/review of the fundamentals of grammar, such as punctuation, parts of speech, types of sentences, etc. I will also be looking into vocabulary building activities.

The student and I did a lot of drills and talking about the areas he needs to improve to score higher on the verbal sections. I scored a few sections he did as practice, and was pleased to see that he's focusing and able to do work on his own. He'll be meeting with his math tutor tomorrow and I think the effects of intensive tutoring will be helpful toward his actual exam--he has a hard time focusing and perceiving his own strengths and weaknesses. He needs to write argumentatively and use evidence for his essay section--we worked on that at some length (focusing on thesis statements and outlines). He also needs to focus on listening closely for errors and slowing down--that will help his critical work.

The student did his language art project. Based on a short story he had read, he chose three different quotations from the book and related it to 1. another book, 2. his personal experience and 3. a world related issue.

the student and I tried to work on speed and focus this time around, as we focused on test-strategies and quickness in the math section. Her problem areas only come through the later (questions 15-20) problems, as she's able to get the easier questions with almost no qualms or apprehension. Her weakest area so far in math has been geometry, so we've continually worked on juxtaposing figures together to find things like radius of a circumscribed circle (in a square), angles of parallelograms that have other polygons imposed on them, etc. Out of all of the areas in algebra, she seems to struggle a little bit with functions and finding patterns, but, all in all, she knows how to do the problems - it's just about recognizing the pattern and coming up with ways to do the problem.

We looked at some problems that she had problems working on her own. We learned some much-needed material that can be used to solve the problems she had problems solving. She had problems getting the correct answers because of small errors in the math calculations. She is working on those now and should do fine in the next exam.

Today we discussed weapons that are not allowed on trips or in general. We discussed which weapons were prohibited on airplanes, as well as a day-to-day basis. We also discussed a new topic for math regarding estimating time. This was a little difficult for the student because the "little before _ o' clock" concept because the hour hand was on the next hour. However, after much explanation, she was able to understand and grasp the concept. After math, we read three chapters from the assigned book. Her reading is improving, and the new books she has makes it easier for her to see where the periods are at the end of the sentences, as well as other punctuation marks.

Worked on polynomials, rational functions and graphing, and inequalities. The student has a test after break. He is doing great on this current material and will review over break and focus on 1.6 and other topics talked about.

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