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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I went over her homework for the power and chain rule.    She understands this concept well, with the trig giving her issues only when power and chain are needed.  She did well on her past quiz, and just wanted to check in & make sure she was on track after missing a lot of school for college visits.

The student and I spent this session working on an outline for a paper.  She had a well-developed idea and we devoted most of our time to writing topic sentences and transitions.  She has vastly improved her understanding of the function and purpose of topic sentences and made significant strides during our session in the crafting of transition and topic sentences.  By the end of the session she had a good outline to work with when writing her paper.

The student and I worked on reading two more chapters in "Fever 1793." We identified figurative language as we read and defined difficult vocabulary words. He took several practice quizzes and seems to be doing well with comprehension on this novel.

The student and I reviewed the reading section and tried different strategies to find the one that works best for her in terms of timing and accuracy. We ultimately decided that looking at the questions first and then going back to the passage works best for her. We then practiced the English section and fine-tuned some strategies to answer those questions accurately.

The student and I worked on her Spanish project. We wrote several advice column letters and responses, making use of the subjunctive mood. We also reviewed new vocabulary words about relationships. She has improved in her knowledge of verb conjugations and vocabulary. She recently received an 85 on a Spanish test which is a huge improvement.

The student and I met with the goal of finalizing her paper. She had found two additional articles which she wanted to use as sources. She had not had a chance to begin the first (literature review) section of her paper. She worked the argument/analysis portion. She was able to complete the introduction and background portions. Approximately 2-3 pages remain to be written for this part of the paper. She will finish writing the paper tonight. She has requested that we meet in the morning so that I can review the entire paper before she turns it in.

The student and I worked through the math questions that gave her trouble on this week's homework. We covered many topics including very difficult circle problems, difficult word problems w/ coordinate planes, special right triangles, very difficult algebra word problems and constant problems with 3 variables (which we will start off with next time). We spent the last part of the session discussing her options for the admissions test, which she will take a practice test for this weekend. I gave her an intro (info + strategy) and discussed how the exam carries over skills, etc.

We reviewed the answers to the quantitative reasoning and math assessment of the practice test. We then reviewed the first verbal section and went through Chapter 4 of the test prep book. We wrote down the words she didn't know so she could work on making flash cards on her own to review. We also went through the word arithmetic handout and looked at some root words that were new to her. Then she did an exercise on my white board to work out the definitions of words using the prefix/suffix/root word meanings. I said to continue to review words she didn't know and she could also use a website I'm familiar with as it has an online vocabulary quiz that has adjustable levels to learn new words. She was very focused and willing to go through each exercise. I will find new ways to review vocabulary that are fun and will make it easier to memorize.

The student and I went over the parts of a good introduction and rewrote the introduction to an in-class writing assignment. I gave the student a homework assignment to create an introduction paragraph to a prompt I created.

Went over social studies test with the student, going over the forms of government and their differences. Began going over economics, including the difference between free enterprise, communism, etc. Went over state geography with him for his test. Discussed the four regions, their land forms, climate and animal/plant life. Gave him a practice test and then gave him a list of spelling words for him to go over.

During the session with the student, we covered stereochemistry and naming of organic compounds. We went through several concepts that she had trouble with and at the end of the session she seemed really happy of her understanding of the concepts.

The parent has connected me with the student's teacher via email for insight on lessons being taught. Today, we worked on creating word problems as well as solving (mostly subtraction) using different strategies (count on, number line, picture method).

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