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We require the most rigorous qualifications of our Chicago tutors, in addition to a background check. Only a tiny fraction of those candidates who apply ultimately make it through our demanding interview process and become a Varsity Tutor in Chicago, IL.


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The Instruction and Approach Are Tailored to You


Our knowledgeable directors choose your Chicago tutor with your learning profile and personality in mind.


Our Chicago tutoring instructors personalize each session with the strategies and techniques that suit you best.


You can learn more efficiently and effectively because the teaching style is tailored to you.


With tutors throughout Chicago who come to you, your study plan can fit your lifestyle.

Your director will help you to assess academic progress and maximize your performance.

Better Outcomes With Personalized Tutoring

...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


  • The tutors design their lessons with your input and learning profile in mind
  • Personalized teaching more effectively motivates students to learn
  • Interactions with the tutor accelerate student progress and decrease learning frustrations
  • Comprehensive session comments highlight your strengths and your next steps to success

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I reviewed for a Geometry test for Monday. We worked through problems on special triangles and angles relationships. We also worked through some rules for combining and reducing radicals. He completed his exam review and seemed to understand all concepts for his test.

We discussed isotopes and atomic structure, and reviewed for an upcoming exam. We went over various historical theories of the atom and what they contributed to our present-day understanding. The student is progressing quite well.

The student has a small quiz tomorrow which is comprehensive over angles and triangles. We reviewed homework that he has done. He found an on-line quiz section over the same subjects, and he absolutely blasted through the material. It is clear that he has very good comprehension of the subject so far.

We covered the student's new assignments on commands in the nosotros form and possessive pronouns. We also reviewed commands in general to put this into context, and began with por/para. For the next session, I will be bringing several activities for this, since it is quite tricky and requires a lot of practice.

The student and I went over Riemann sums and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Then we practiced problems from the book. The problems focused on learning the symbols of integration and the properties of it. Some problems had us setting up integrals to find the area under a curve. Then we went on to learn how to take anti-derivatives and calculate a definite integral. We did several problems practicing that skill. She showed progress in picking up these new skills.

We covered acid-base reactions. The reaction depends on the pKa of the two acids under consideration. We covered several synthesis problems that involved carboxylic acids. One example involved an intermolecular Friedel-Crafts reaction. The second involved the conversion of a nitrile to an acid. We discussed reactions of alcohols: oxymercuration, Williamson ether synthesis and bimolecular condensation reactions to form ethers.

The student and I did one passage from the reading comprehension in order to keep her current as well as parts of the sentence completion. Because it had been multiple days since we had previously met, she had the opportunity to work on a few practice tests. We discussed how to set up proportions, factoring, combining like terms, and what to do with exponents when multiplying, For homework, she was to review the problems from the math section beginning on page 78 and work and check problems from pages 100-108.

Worked on sentence completion (vocabulary), sentence improvement, paragraph improvement, and passage questions, from book diagnostic test. I encouraged the student to proceed with her plan to buy a dictionary and read it. I encouraged her to look up words she doesn't understand in the dictionary when she encounters them. I informed the student that I will be out of town next Thursday night, so I will see her again in two weeks.

This was our last session before the student's SAT test date and we went over two practice tests that he had completed since our last session. I saw some incremental improvement in his essays and continued strong results on the multiple choice sections. I continued to emphasize to him that he has all the necessary knowledge to solve all the math problems. We spent a little bit of time going over what to expect on test day and how to prepare mentally and physically (basically adequate sleep in the days before and a routine breakfast). He seemed to have a positive mindset.

The student and I began by looking through a presentation he put together with his group on how a bowling ball and bike wheel compare when falling. I looked through the presentation and gave some suggestions on how to word certain phrases and how to analyze and present the experiment they did. After we finished that, we moved on to the next section of material in his book, simple harmonic oscillators. Because the class had not yet covered the concepts, we went over what a simple harmonic oscillator is and how the analysis of it is used by engineers. We then covered a mathematical analysis of the simple harmonic oscillator and the wave equation. We finished up by doing a few examples, which the student had an easy time with after going over the concepts. He should be set up very well for this next material.

The student and I worked on her homework packet that covers circles, secants, chords, arcs, arc length, tangent, angles that intercept arcs, intercepted arcs, and the angle formed by the intersection of two secants on the circle.

We began by going over some basic math concepts, including fractions, percents, decimals, square roots and exponents. We also talked briefly about coordinate geometry and worked a little on biology at the end.

We Make Goals a Reality

Our tutors help students improve their academic performance. Our Chicago tutors can also help you boost your grades, test scores, and self-confidence.


Brown, Air Force Academy, Vanderbilt, Wellesley, Notre Dame, Columbia, UCLA, Emory, UPenn, Johns Hopkins, Wesleyan, Claremont McKenna College, Amherst, WashU, Northwestern and numerous other institutions...

Every student deserves the chance to reach his or her full educational potential.

Unfortunately, the volume of material and scarcity of time within most classrooms leads to fast-paced lectures. Students may feel confused or overwhelmed by the material, fall behind, and eventually lose the motivation to continue trying. However, there is no shame in asking for professional assistance, and this is precisely the reason Varsity Tutors exists. Our tutors provide tutoring to Chicago-area students in a one-on-one setting to ensure they have the support they require in order to reach their academic goals.

Our individualized approach and exceptional tutors is what differentiates us from other Chicago tutoring services. We believe that no student deserves “one size fits all” instruction. A student learns best when the teaching is tailored to his or her own personal style. Our educational directors spend countless hours carefully matching students and tutors in Chicago to specifically achieve a fit that is ideal for each person. Our pairing process takes into account learning styles, teaching styles, strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and numerous other factors to provide maximum potential for powerful results.

What else makes Varsity Tutors’ private tutoring services in Chicago unique?

Exceptional  Chicago Tutors – More Than Just Top Scores

High grades alone are not sufficient to qualify as one of our Chicago private tutors. A Varsity Tutors instructor must not simply be academically brilliant but also personable and passionate about teaching. We understand how difficult it can be to trust your education to anyone which is why we only select instructors who pass our rigorous application process. A tutor’s perfect test scores and straight A’s are not sufficient qualifications if he or she is unable to foster a meaningful connection with a student. Moreover, knowledge needs to be communicated in an approachable, easily understood manner in order for tutoring sessions to be efficient and worthwhile.


Chicago is a large city, and commuting to a tutoring session can be challenging. Rather than traveling to a predetermined location on specific, inflexible days, allow our private tutors in Chicago to come to you. The instructor will work with you to identify a schedule that works best for you. The tutors can hold tutoring sessions in the comfort of your own home, at a local coffee shop, on your campus, in a library, or another location of your choosing. Varsity Tutors understands that you expect a convenient service; we wish to make the learning experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible through our highly convenient tutoring services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding metro area. Call us today to learn more.

Every Subject, Test, and Grade Level

Varsity Tutors offers tutoring for students in any subject, from STEM to the humanities and identifies tutors in Chicago who specialize in a limited number of specific subjects. We also provide private tutoring in Chicago for every major standardized assessment, including the SAT, ACT, APs, SAT II’s, ISAT, ISEE, SSAT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE and GMAT and other subjects. We have expert tutors in Chicago throughout the metro area who are ready to lend their expertise and support, regardless of whether the subject is elementary math, college-level anatomy, the PSAT, or anything else.

Contact Varsity Tutors today to discuss how our Chicago private tutoring services help students achieve their academic goals.