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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


  • The tutors design their lessons with your input and learning profile in mind
  • Personalized teaching more effectively motivates students to learn
  • Interactions with the tutor accelerate student progress and decrease learning frustrations
  • Comprehensive session comments highlight your strengths and your next steps to success

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student still doesn't enjoy doing the problems but we went over a bunch of limiting reaction problems and as long as she takes her time on the test and makes sure she doesn't mix up the numbers.  I think that she will do better on this exam than the last, as she understands how to do the problems much better!

The student is progressing in Math and seems to be getting more confident, which is very important. However, I would like her to revisit the fundamentals as she some times forgets the basics.

The two students have finished the math section in their own practice book and each skipped some questions. The one needs more help in the math section than the other, but the other struggles more with the reading comprehension. We focused on correcting and going over the incorrect or skipped math questions in the first half to today's session. The second half we focused on synonyms. They both need some review of vocabulary words and I will send them a list of vocabulary that they should know. Their homework is to look up the words that they didn't know on the synonyms page and to do the verbal section in practice test 1. I also gave them some analogy practice and an "analogy tips" page. We will go over reading comprehension at our next meeting.

During this session, the student and I focused on her homework assignment. The assignment was focusing on special parallelograms. Some of these special parallelograms included rhombi, squares, and rectangles. All of the questions we covered were based on finding the distance between two points when given other distances and angles, finding the perimeter, or finding the area. She understands the material that was taught in class but occasionally just needs to look at the given information in a different way, or add any other information that can be gleaned, in order to see the steps needed to solve the problem.

We covered how to say what are you wearing and some basic clothing vocabulary. We had conversations between stuffed animals about what their names are, how they are doing, what they are wearing, and what color their clothes are. We also started learning to sing the French alphabet.

The student did some practice sections of writing skills and mathematics in preparation for her PSAT test. She is doing very well in the mathematics sections- she understands almost all of the concepts tested and knows how to approach most of the questions.

The student and I continued to work on her handwriting. I gave her writing prompts and she wrote a few sentences on the  subject. Afterwards, I checked her handwriting for any errors. There was a little trouble with her transitions from the letter "w," so we focused more on that for the rest of the session. By the end, her letters looked much better.

This week the student and I covered magnetism, AC circuits and transformers. We worked through book problems to make sure he understood the concepts and equations and how to properly use the equations to answer the problems. For the most part, he seemed to understand how to use the proper equations to find magnetic force or magnetic field strength. We reviewed the right-hand rule quite a bit. After reviewing the AC current materials, he seemed to have a better grasp of what the equations mean and how to use them. Transformers seemed to be a fairly straightforward subject for him. We extensively reviewed the conservation of power in transformers to make sure he understood how voltage and current are inversely related in transformers.

We went over the nervous system. He had a quiz last Friday. It covered the nervous system. Today we spent time on the nervous system and the endocrine system. He has a test on the endocrine system this Friday, I made a study guide for him to use to prepare.

We started with naming letter sound and sounding out target words. The student then moved on to reading a short story. After reading the story to mastery we switched to using the magnet board. We took turns building words, playing with initial, medial and final phoneme substitution. To end the session the student completed a page from Explode the Code focusing on the -at family.

In this session we covered basic neuron anatomy and physiology. We reviewed the component parts of the neuron, its connections, depolarization, and synaptic function. We will meet again on Monday prior to the student's next exam for a pretest review. She provided me with her old tests. We will review the questions and answers next session. I have given her specific instructions on how to study for her next exam. I also provided her with additional practice questions. I have no major concerns from this session.

Today I met with the students and the ee and ea blends were our primary focus. We also reviewed the bossy r blends too. They used books to find words that had these blends and did a great job of identifying. It is my hope that the more words they find the more they will use in their writing. For writing today we focused on storytelling and captioning pictures. I brought cut outs of magazine images and they both had to create stories around them. They did a great job at coming up with humorous and creative stories for the pictures. For next session in writing, I will work with student #1 on adding punctuation to her writing so that it makes sense and continue to work with student #2 on actually trying to write the ideas that he has down.

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Every student deserves the chance to reach his or her full educational potential.

Unfortunately, the volume of material and scarcity of time within most classrooms leads to fast-paced lectures. Students may feel confused or overwhelmed by the material, fall behind, and eventually lose the motivation to continue trying. However, there is no shame in asking for professional assistance, and this is precisely the reason Varsity Tutors exists. We help match tutors with Chicago-area students in a one-on-one setting to ensure the students have the support they require in order to reach their academic goals.

Our individualized approach and access to exceptional tutors is what differentiates us from other Chicago tutoring services. We believe that no student deserves “one size fits all” instruction. A student learns best when the teaching is tailored to his or her own personal style. Our educational directors spend countless hours helping to connect students with Chicago tutors, to specifically achieve a fit that is ideal for each person. This pairing process takes into account learning styles, teaching styles, strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and numerous other factors to provide maximum potential for powerful results.

Exceptional  Chicago Tutors – More Than Just Top Scores

High grades alone are not sufficient to qualify as a Chicago private tutor. We believe tutors must not simply be academically brilliant, but also personable and passionate about teaching. We understand how difficult it can be to trust your education to anyone, which is why we only help connect you with instructors who pass our rigorous application process. A tutor’s perfect test scores and straight A’s are not sufficient qualifications if he or she is unable to foster a meaningful connection with a student. Moreover, knowledge needs to be communicated in an approachable, easily understood manner in order for tutoring sessions to be efficient and worthwhile.


Chicago is a large city, and commuting to a tutoring session can be challenging. Rather than traveling to a predetermined location on specific, inflexible days, allow your tutor to come to you. The instructor will work with you to identify a schedule that works best for you. The tutors can hold tutoring sessions in the comfort of your own home, at a local coffee shop, on your campus, in a library, or another location of your choosing. Call us today to learn more.

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Varsity Tutors helps connect students with tutors in any subject, from STEM to the humanities, and identifies tutors in Chicago who specialize in a limited number of specific subjects. We also help match students with private tutors in Chicago for every major standardized assessment, including the SAT, ACT, APs, SAT II’s, ISAT, ISEE, SSAT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE and GMAT and other subjects. Varsity Tutors can help connect you with expert tutors in Chicago throughout the metro area who are ready to lend their expertise and support, regardless of whether the subject is elementary math, college-level anatomy, the PSAT, or anything else.

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