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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student did very well during this session. I could tell that mixing in the math by doing half of the worksheet at the beginning and half part way through the session helped. She also said that she enjoyed writing the sentences with me during the session so we will continue mixing this into our work time.

The student had one brief homework assignment about food that required him to listen to a recording of four different sentences and match each to the picture that best represented what was mentioned. I thought this was a great exercise to work on listening comprehension. We had to replay the sentences a few times, which was completely normal, and he got better as we went along. We finished the lesson by going over some stem-changing verbs and I introduced "doler" as an example, but also to get him to review "gustar" verbs. This also involved learning a few vocab words about body parts.

I used this session to get a better understanding of the student's reading comprehension and grammar skills. His reading comprehension is good overall, and I taught him some tips on how to answer common reading test questions. When it comes to grammar, he has a good grasp of identifying verb tense and how to improve sentences. He did not know a couple of things about punctuation, but picked up on it quickly. Finally, we practiced his vocab words from last week, which he showed improvement on, especially when I put the words in the context of a sentence.

We reviewed the student's physics midterm and worked on her homework for Monday. The topics covered were momentum, free fall, air resistance, force of gravity, and Newton's three laws. She is an attentive student and quickly understands the material we cover.

Today we went over both the math and English sections of the exam. The student still needs to learn a few concepts in the math section. Each question gets progressively harder and she had difficulty answering questions past number 40 (out of 60). I recommend she work through as many practice tests as possible when she has free time, even when we're not working together. The English section did seem to come easier for her, but she will still need to practice this part as many times as possible for the exam. As we only have a week before she has to take the next exam, I will try to assign her homework in the most effective manner possible. This means we still have to find her current math and English scores and see where we can improve most easily in this short period of time.

Today, the student and I focused on both geometry and biology. He and I worked on dihybrid crosses for biology and figuring out the genotypes of individuals based on their phenotypes. Additionally, he was introduced to pedigree charts, which map the family history of a particular genetic trait or medical condition. He seems more confident covering genetics topics, and I hope he can carry this momentum into the next subject. Additionally, he has to take a make-up exam because he was not at school for his last geometry exam so we reviewed the major properties of quadrilaterals for his exam on Friday.

The student and I met and worked on sugars some more today. Her professor gave them two discussion worksheets that are normally worked on during a discussion period. We spent the time going through the worksheets together. There were many different types of problems, but most specifically there were zwitterion problems based on pH.

Today, the student let me know that his class had been continuing their review of electric fields and current, as well as introducing the concept of voltage. Since we talked about current last week and he had no trouble with the idea, we moved on to cover voltage and electric potential energy. First, we cleared up a few topics that had been introduced by his teacher (equipotential surfaces, for example) and then discussed the textbook's explanation of electric potential for the rest of the session. It went well! Next session, we really are going to move on to circuits, then likely start reviewing earlier concepts for the exam.

Today we started preparing for the student's test at the end of the week. We reviewed a practice midterm where questions about molarity, limiting reactants, and empirical formulas were asked. We went over the methodology of how to do every question. I left her with questions of my own to work on.

We reviewed her previous test, and corrected all the questions she got wrong. All her mistakes were because she did not memorize right triangles correctly. We then reviewed her new section in chapter 10.

The student learned strategic methods to help enhance her verbal and reading scores on the SSAT exam. Practice questions were reviewed and discussed Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and root words to help "breakdown" unknown words. She needs the most help with the saying the word aloud to help understand (ex. Residence for the word residual) the true meaning. Overall the session went well.

We worked on all 3 sections of the SAT prep today. She had completed several sections of a practice test beforehand, so we made corrections there. She seemed to do exceptionally well on the writing sections, and she had memorized at least a bit of the math formulas I had requested.

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