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Private Tutoring Is More Effective Than Classroom Or Group Learning

...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


  • Teaching style is tailored to the needs of each student
  • One-on-one tutoring sessions are more engaging
  • Quick feedback enables you to learn more effectively and avoid frustration
  • Detailed session notes by your tutor shows you where you stand and what is needed to improve

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

1. Wrote entire homily for Speech class. He paralleled some gospel story to the story of King Arthur. Only the hard copy is due the next day but the student doesn't have speech class (he has Spanish instead) that day.
2. Brought a green folder with brads and pockets. Supervised while the student made the dividers and then checked his Lit binder for all rough drafts that were supposed to be in there.
3. Study pack, Social Studies (most of it was done - he had left only a page's worth of the more reading-intensive work to do).

Today the student and I started with Chemistry and ended with Algebra 2. We did a 2 page worksheet on writing empirical formulas of compounds given a percent composition of the elements present. We then went on to work on his math assignment for the weekend, looking at the transformation of functions when multiplied by a coefficient or translated up/down or right/left. The student understood all of this very well and did many problems on his own.  Overall a great session with much improvement and understanding.

Present indicative of ar, er and ir verbs. Practiced examples and usages of the present tense. Reviewed some key regular verbs and ended by looking at some irregular verbs' yo construction. (pongo, conozco, doy)

We worked through a new review worksheet that the student was given by her teacher. We didn't have time to finish all of it, but we worked steadily and the student seems to have learned a lot. I think she is getting rotational physics pretty well.

Went over an assignment (24 questions) including some pure math problems (quadratic equations, derivatives) and some applied finance and economics problems.  Taught the student a couple of formulas and concepts, and reviewed one or two as well, including: present/future value, average/total cost, revenue and profit evaluation.

I had her work a logic game section while I timed, we then went over it together. We also went over several other games, and a Logical Reasoning section.  

First, we reviewed her homework which consisted of editing a paragraph, making contractions, and a journal entry. Then, I had her write a paragraph on the prompt, "If I had a magic wand..." Her response was appropriate with few errors. For the lesson, we went over adjectives and making sentences more descriptive. She did really well with coming up with different adjectives and adding details to basic sentences. Her homework is to make "boring" sentences more interesting by adding descriptive words.

The student and I went over her assigned homework. She had no trouble with the math except she struggled a little bit with percents. She had just learned how to reduce fractions in school, which was not applicable to the practice drill. We went over her mistakes and she had no problem understanding. We then went over Practice Drill 9 for the verbal section involving synonym techniques, as well as Practice Drill 11 for the quantitative section. We also discussed the sentence completion portion in the verbal section. For homework, she is to complete an entire practice test.

The student said the real test so different from the practice test so we met again today and he asked me questions about the material we had not covered from our last session. The session went well and we are both confident his score will increase greatly.

In this session I graded and we reviewed the student's homework. He did very well on the math section. He still has to build his confidence in the verbal reasoning and reading comprehension section. I assigned his homework via email for the week.

Reviewed a practice test. He has scored 1700+ on two tests in a row. That's a 200 point improvement since we started and I believe we can do better. He is noticeably more comfortable with math fundamentals. Will do two practice tests for next time.

Worked with both students on their home work. The first student had language arts and math to do, neither of which he had difficulty with. The second student had math, spelling, and reading to do. She had no problems with any, either. She overcome the difficulty with multiplying three-digit numbers and decimals that she had last week; she did them for homework and did fine.

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