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...Children tutored individually performed two standard deviations better than children who received conventional classroom instruction -- a huge difference. end quote

-New York Times
Sep 14, 2012


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I feel like the student and I got off to a good start. We spent the hour working through a few of his Physics problems on energy, work, force, and power. He struggled a little bit with remembering which of the chapter's equations were best suited for each problem, but this will improve with time. I also tried to explain some of the principles behind the problems, because students tend to better understand how to solve problems when they know why they are told to use such-and-such method in the first place. I am looking forward to working with him again next week.

Practiced integration by parts problems from assigned homework.  After working through the problems, the student seems to have a solid understanding of both integration by parts and u-substitution integration techniques.

Today I helped the student prepare for his biology six weeks exam. I helped him prepare an outline from the text book.

This was my second session with the student. We went over her math assignments for the week, and I received a list of her missing assignments for math and other classes. First priority is math, and we are working on getting caught up with all of those past due assignments.

Worked with the students on a variety of topics. Worked with Student 1 on helping to plan his course schedule for next year and on a project in History, and worked with Student 2 on another reading journal. Good session.

We concluded the ACT prep tutoring today by focusing on the essay-writing section and doing a quick review of writing multiple choice and reading. The student practiced identifying a position and creating a bubble map to lay out his argument. We discussed the different types of support he should use: reasons and evidence. He picked up the bubble map quickly. He should continue practicing with this technique and reviewing the other test sections and answer explanations. Great working with him!

Today was a getting to know you session, mostly talking about her approach to the ACT. We talked about strategy for the science section, and worked through some passages to apply it.

Today we played sight word bingo. The student also used five sight words in sentences. He then reread the Summer Olympics book. He also read stories from a Henry and Mudge book. We ended by reviewing on a homework sheet for school.

I gave the student a big list of vocab words because, and then we did some more sample problems, with a focus on word problems.

We discussed the student's upcoming schedule for the new school year, trying to organize his free time in a way that could be most productive. Additionally, we went over his essay that he has been working on over the summer to measure improvement.

The student and I worked on exercises where he had to choose whether to use the present tense of ser or estar. It was a great exercise that not only reiterated the scenarios in which each verb is used, but also helped in vocabulary building. Additionally, we reviewed adjectives and the change of adjectives determined by whether the noun is masculine or feminine or singular or plural.

The student and I reviewed the SAT Essay rubric, read a number of high-level essays with comments, and then proceeded to retime the essay times to "time-and-a-half." Based on these criteria, she wrote an essay in response to a prompt in the prep book.

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