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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The class started a new chapter: 7-1. We went over the lecture packet and I specifically answered questions the student had regarding a few concepts: monomials and exponents. I assigned problems for him to do and tested him on concepts as we were going through each problem.

We covered topics in math including proportions, triangles, fractions, and picking values. We also completed some practice for the Writing portion, reviewing number agreement, diction, and eliminating answer choices that change the original meaning.

This was the final session I had with the student before her SAT, which was the following day. I quizzed the student on the vocabulary flash cards she has been making and learning for the past two weeks. I also had the student do a final practice analogy section and reading section to ingrain the strategies she has been practicing for how to tackle questions best. The student knew all of her vocabulary very well and demonstrated a tremendous improvement in the analogy and reading sections. I finished the session by answering any questions she had regarding exam logistics, such as when she should get to the test site, whether she should review in the morning, etc... I think that the student will do a great job on her SAT.

I helped the student study for tomorrow's math test. He is occasionally challenged by multi-step word problems. I showed him how to organize the information by drawing pictures and creating a chart. I also told him to look for words that explained what was going on, action words like collected, gathered, earned, sold, lost, or gave, and reminded him that these words all show adding or subtracting (circle the word and put an addition or subtraction symbol next to it). This should help to clarify what operation should be used in what order with the given numbers.

Today we focused on learning the imperfect tense. The student completed her homework, and we reviewed the difference between the preterite and the imperfect. I gave her a handout that listed common Spanish verbs and how to conjugate both regular and irregular verbs in the imperfect. We then completed a worksheet that I brought that highlighted which situations to use the preterite vs. imperfect. She then worked on her Spanish homework through Monday, which included more practice with the imperfect and indirect object pronouns. She had some trouble initially with the concept of indirect object pronouns and their placement relative to the verb, but after reviewing together she has a better understanding and her teacher will cover the material in class during the next few days.

During this session we went over the SAT Essay Section and the SAT Math Section. For the Essay section we discussed the rubric for the essay and how the most important thing is presenting a clear thesis and defending it so that the readers can follow the flow of your argument and easily give you a high score. For the Math section we went through a practice test together problem by problem and I showed him fast ways to solve problems without getting stumped.

The student and I first reviewed the test that he took last week, on which he received an 85. Overall, the points he lost were for simple mistakes, but he understood how to do all but one of the questions. I suggested that with a little practice, the incidence of simple mistakes, such as accidentally dropping variables when working equations, would likely decrease. Then, we reviewed for his upcoming quiz on conic sections. He had a good understanding of how to write the equations of ellipses.

The student and I took another look at the science section during this session. We broke down how to work on questions that deal with hypothetical situations into four specific steps, as these are some of the questions he struggled with the last time. We also talked about how to find information in various graphs. He is improving his speed and just has a little more to go. His predicted science score from this section was a 27, a huge jump from his pre-test score of 21.

Today we went over his mistakes on the critical reading and writing sections from the first practice SAT test from the guide and reviewed vocabulary. His scores improved compared to when he took the test in January. The student was still challenged the most by vocabulary. I left him with the critical and writing sections from the second practice SAT in the guide. I have no concerns from this session.

The student and I commenced today with an introduction to partial derivatives, two-variable limits, continuity, and linearization. He had no trouble at all with the differentiation, but it took him a while to understand the mechanics of finding two-variable limits with indeterminate forms; once he did, though, everything else today seemed to click into place.

For this session, I helped the student go over the neural pathways for the receptors for pain, touch, vibration, and pressure. At this point I am working with her more on understanding the material and studying for retention as opposed to tutoring her, as she has a firm grasp of the material. However, the material is quite complex and I feel that going over it with her helps her to understand and remember the context of the material.

The student and I worked on Electrochemistry for the whole session. We worked on identifying the spontaneity of a reaction by finding the emf and Gibbs free energy . We also did some problems on finding emf using the equilibrium constant.

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