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Wildlife Creature Club

Get ready to get wild!

Your young explorer’s passport to animal adventure—they’ll meet new friends, learn from wildlife experts, and deepen their appreciation for the animal kingdom.

Next Club starts the week of April 15

What's included?

6 weekly 1-hr Expeditions
with 6-9 explorers

Creature Challenges and
enriching learning activities

A reserved spot in upcoming
Wildlife Creature Club StarCourses

What makes Wildlife Creature Club so wild?

Weekly Class Expeditions

Your young explorer will join fellow explorers as they encounter exotic creatures and make new friends along the way. Each expedition is led by an expert instructor and all class material is tailored to the age group. This spring, Wildlife Creature Clubs explores a series of expeditions inspired by animal adventurer and daredevil Coyote Peterson.

Expedition Details:

Timetable: 1 Expedition Per Week • Duration: 1 Hour • Club Size: 6-9 Explorers

Lions sitting in bushes

Expedition 1: Ferocious Felines

Snake on sand

Expedition 2: Sneaky Serpents

Shark swimming with fish

Expedition 3: Dangers of the Deep

Spider on web

Expedition 4: Tiny Terrors

Jellyfish in the deep sea

Expedition 5: Murky Menaces

Close-up of a wolf

Expedition 6: The Biggest, Baddest Beasts

Animal adventure for any age.

Select an age group for dates and times.

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Child with monkey on her shoulder

Try a Wildlife Challenge

Each week, explorers will find a new Creature Challenge in the Learning Lab, complete with a video mini-lesson to guide their independent tour of the animal kingdom. Here, they’ll get up-close and personal with the biggest, fastest, strongest, and, yes, cutest animals in the world.

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Coyote Peterson
Upcoming StarCourse

Stranger Things of the Animal Kingdom with Coyote Peterson

April 27, 7PM (EDT)

The cat’s out of the bag: Wildlife Creature Club regularly features classes hosted by zoos, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries, and the nature hosts you know from TV. Your explorer will be enrolled in all of our upcoming StarCourses where they’ll experience animal adventure right from the horse’s mouth.

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