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Dinosaur Discovery Club

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Dinosaur Discovery Club

Your precocious paleontologist will love exploring the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and other fossilized friends. They'll meet with an expert instructor and 6-9 peers for live and engaging online sessions. Our clubs meet weekly and themes change monthly.

$70/month • Weekly 1‑hr sessions • Grades K‑5


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Included in Dinosaur Discovery Club

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Weekly Club Meetings

Each week your dino lover will take a Jurassic journey through expert-led explorations. Throughout the year, club members will focus on new monthly themes that will teach them about the methods paleontologists use to discover new dinosaurs and how they make assumptions about their everyday lives.

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Bonus Dinosaur Clubhouse Activities

Club members will have access to fun and unique activities through our virtual After School Clubhouse. The Clubhouse has videos, quizzes, and fun downloadable experiences—everything they need to satisfy their Cretaceous curiosity.

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Dinosaur StarCourses

Learners can visit natural history museums and paleontology labs, all from home! Your child will be invited to our upcoming live StarCourses where they’ll learn about dinosaurs from museums and paleontology professors.

Monthly Themes

January: Finding Fossils & Defining Dinosaurs

Not all prehistoric creatures are dinosaurs, and not every old bone is a fossil. By playing a series of games, students will learn what dinosaurs and fossils truly are... and aren't.

February: Triassic Timeline

The oldest Tyrannosaurus lived closer to your birthday than to the first dinosaur's. Students will find out which dinosaurs lived together and hunted one another, and which lived millions of years apart.

March: Ferocious Fossilized Features

Explore the dinosaurs we love because of their built-in tools: the sharp-toothed Tyrannosaurus, horned Triceratops, armored Ankylosaurus, and more.

April: Spectacular Size and Speed

Get to know the dinosaurs we're amazed by because of their size and speed: the majestic Brontosaurus, the stately Stegosaurus, and, of course, the voracious Velociraptor, plus many more.

May: What Happened To The Dinosaurs?

Learn how the age of the dinosaurs came to an end...but also which dinosaurs continued on, and what their ancestors are doing today.


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