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Beginning Coders Club

Does your young learner like playing games and solving puzzles? Then good news: they have everything it takes to be a coder! In Beginning Coders Club, groups of 6-9 learners will meet weekly for expert-led, interactive sessions to create and play games in the Scratch language while learning the fundamentals of computer programming. Our clubs meet weekly and themes change monthly.

$70/month • Weekly 1‑hr sessions • Grades K‑8


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Included in Beginning Coders Club

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Weekly Club Meetings

Each session is programmed to blend learning with fun, as your young coder will use the kid-friendly Scratch language and engaging lessons designed at Harvard to master coding concepts through gameplay. Collaborating with a team of fellow beginners, your young coder will program their own games and challenges.

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What They Need

Students will need a computer or tablet with an updated web browser, a microphone, and a video camera for this collaborative online club. There is no special software necessary, but club members will need a free account at No prior coding experience is necessary!

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Computer Science StarCourses

Beginning Coder’s Club is the start of your learner’s journey, but as they’ll see the sky's the limit! As proof, they’ll be invited to computer science StarCourse sessions led by tech inventors and innovators so they can see firsthand the power of code to create, invent, and change the world.

Monthly Themes

January: Becoming A Coder

This month, young programmers will explore the magic of code as they give computers instructions and see the resulting actions. With both coding and physical activities, they’ll learn how to create and sequence instructions that return delightful events.

February: Animations, Loops, & Events

This month, young coders will learn loops, events, and parallelism as they program scripts that make characters sing, dance, and perform. By the end of the month, they’ll have their very own CGI music video, and a whole new coding skill set.

March: Open-Source Storytelling

This month emphasizes storytelling and paired programming, as coders work together to recycle or “remix” existing blocks of code to create their own unique stories. They’ll strengthen their knowledge of sequences, scrips, and more, while learning the powerful coding skill of collaboration.

April: Game Design, Variables, & Conditionals

This month, coders will design and code their own games as they learn how to use variables and conditionals to make programs adapt to user inputs. By the end of the month they’ll have their own games with scoring systems, a variety of outcomes, and of course lots of fun.

May: Hackfest

This month is all about the coder mindset as club members plan a big project, break it into sprints, collaborate to get feedback and share ideas, and deliver a capstone project. They’ll put their newfound coding skills to work, plus learn the mindsets that allow programmers to take on giant challenges and program elaborate games and applications.


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