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Sketchmasters Drawing Club

Your young artist will learn to draw realistic portraits, landscapes, and scenes of all kinds while practicing techniques for lines, shading, and action. They'll meet with an expert instructor and a group of 6-9 peers for live and engaging online sessions. Our clubs meet weekly and themes change monthly.

$70/month • Weekly 1‑hr sessions • Grades K‑8


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Included in Sketchmasters Drawing Club

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Weekly Club Meetings

We've sketched out an immersive experience for your doodler. From people to animals to landscapes and cityscapes, they'll create realistic drawings while having fun and collaborating.

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image of a sketchpad with a person drawn on it

Bonus Sketchmasters Clubhouse Activities

Club members have access to fun and unique activities through our virtual After School Clubhouse. The Clubhouse has videos and quizzes from professional artists, fun downloadable challenges, and plenty of inspiration for aspiring artists to draw on.

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Sketchmasters StarCourses

Your young artist will be invited to our upcoming art-themed StarCourses where they’ll learn new and exciting techniques from viral artists, professional animators and designers, and other guest stars.

Monthly Themes

January: Objects

This month in Sketchmasters Club, artists will draw stationary objects as realistically as possible. With practice, they'll develop techniques for contrasting light and shadow, mixing thick and thin lines to create depth and dimension, and even the basic skills that give experienced artists their sophisticated edge like pencil grips and eraser use.

February: Portraits

Artists will focus on arguably the most frequently drawn subject of all: the human face. They’ll learn techniques for shading, varying line thickness, creating depth, and conveying personality.

March: Landscapes

Club members will learn how to draw realistic landscapes. They'll focus on techniques such as focal points and simplifying what they see into shapes and lines.

April: Wildlife

Artists will learn how to draw animals. They'll develop techniques for seeing simple shapes in complex bodies, drawing action lines, and creating texture.

May: Action Scenes

In their final month, they'll put it all together by drawing full scenes with people and/or animals interacting with objects and landscapes


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