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Space Club

Get ready for liftoff!

Space Club takes your young learner on a zero-gravity ride through our solar system and beyond. They’ll meet new friends, learn from renowned astro-experts, and add some rocket fuel to their curiosity.

What's included?

6 Weekly Class Missions
with up to 8 other cadets

Cosmic Challenges and
enriching learning activities

A reserved spot in our next
Space Club StarCourse

What makes Space Club out of this world:

Weekly Class Missions

Your young explorer will join up to 9 fellow Space Club cadets as they discover new worlds and make new friends while traveling the cosmos. Each afterschool mission is led by an expert instructor and all class material is tailored to the age group.

Mission Details:

Timetable: 1 Mission Per Week • Duration: 1 Hour • Crew Size: 6-9 Students

Solar system

Mission 1: All About the Solar System

View of Earth from space

Mission 2: Earth and the Inner Planets

Close up image of the sun

Mission 3: The Sun: Our Solar System’s Superstar


Mission 4: The Gas Giants and Outer Planets

Moons of the solar system

Mission 5: Moons of the Solar System

Asteroid travelling through space

Mission 6: Asteroids, Meteors, and Dwarf Planets

Space exploration for any age.

Join your crew.

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Cosmic Challenges

Each week, Cadets will find a new Cosmic Challenge in the Learning Lab, complete with a video mini-lesson to guide their independent exploration of the Universe. Here, they can deepen their understanding of astronomy, physics, and so much more.

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What better way to learn about outer space than from an astronaut who’s been there? Or from a renowned astronomer? As part of Space Club, your Cadet will be enrolled in our next live StarCourse where they’ll get a unique, firsthand look at the mysterious cosmos.

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