Chess Masters Club

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Chess Masters Club

At Chess Masters Club, your child becomes a king or queen of strategy. Your young chess master and a group of 6-9 peers practice together and learn from expert instructors during live and engaging online sessions. Clubs meet weekly and topics change monthly. Subscribe now to get 50% off; try 4 sessions for just $35.

$70/month ($35 first month) • Weekly 1 hr sessions • Grades K‑12




Nemo Qiyu Zhou
Chess Master, aka Nemsko, Woman Grandmaster

What's Included:

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Weekly Club Meetings

Each month, lessons and drills will emphasize a different set of strategies while students practice playing the entire game. Lesson material is tailored to the age group and inspired by our featured guest star. Throughout the year, they'll cover strategies like opening moves, zugzwang, pins and skewers, and sacrifices and exchanges.

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Bonus Clubhouse Activities

Your chess whiz will be saying, “Checkmate!” in no time. As a club member, your child will have access to fun online and offline activities through our online After School Clubhouse. The Clubhouse has videos, quizzes, fun downloadable experiences—everything they need to become chessmasters!

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Chess Masters StarCourses

Your young player will be invited to our upcoming live Chess Masters StarCourses. They’ll get a chance to hear from featured experts and learn why the game has captured the interest of so many for so long.

Monthly Themes

September: Checks, Captures, & Threats

As players play matches and solve chess puzzles, they’ll emphasize the three-item checklist they should consult with each move, and discover the power in keeping that disciplined regimen.

October: Opening Moves

Through challenges and chess matches, players will develop strategies for opening games purposefully, to develop pieces, build pawn structure, control the center, and set themselves up for a strong middlegame.

November: Forks & Attacks

Players will go on offense as they practice attack strategies, with an emphasis on forks. Through matches and puzzles they’ll hone those attack skills and learn to play assertively.

December: Zugzwang

Chess doesn’t always go according to plan, so this month players will learn how to respond to less-than-ideal situations and swindle themselves back into the game.

January: Pins & Skewers

What’s better than attacking one piece? Attacking two, and this month players will develop strategies for controlling the board through the dual attacks of pins and skewers, then put those skills to use via challenges and gameplay.

February: Middlegame & Pawn Structure

Chess matches are often won and lost via seemingly-mundane moves involving lesser pieces. This month players will focus on winning those little battles, and then see how that practice leads to big wins.

March: Sacrifices & Exchanges

The goal of chess isn’t to keep all 16 of your pieces, but rather to checkmate exactly one of your opponent’s. This month players will develop a keen sense of when to sacrifice and exchange pieces for a larger gain.

April: Checkmates

Most chess matches end in a draw, so this month players will focus on turning their advantages into victories by practicing checkmates.

May: Tournament of Champions

The best part of chess is playing it, so this month players will apply their new skills to challenges and matches with their peers, aiming for checkmates with their classmates.


Chess Masters Club
• About 9 students per club.
• Weekly 1-hour sessions + bonus activities.
• Special content from featured guest stars.

"Varsity Tutors has kept our girls engaged academically and socially! No other platform has been able to do what they’ve done for our easily bored kiddos. Huge fans!"

— Leslie, Parent