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Money Matters Club

Money matters for virtually everything we do...but most people admit they don’t know nearly enough about money matters. Give your young learner a head start on their financial future with Money Matters Club, where they’ll join a group of 6-9 fellow members for expert-led, hands-on explorations of personal finance, investments, business strategy, and more. Our clubs meet weekly and themes change monthly.

$70/month • Weekly 1‑hr sessions • Grades 4‑8


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Weekly Club Meetings

Your young money manager will meet weekly with a group of 6-9 finance friends for expert-led breakdowns of personal finance, investment, and business topics. From budgeting exercises to stock market simulations to business case studies, each session offers hands-on, interactive exploration of money matters.

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Bonus Clubhouse Activities

Thanks to our virtual After School Clubhouse the Money Matters experience is fully diversified. The Clubhouse has videos, quizzes, and downloadable experiences that continue to pay dividends between live club sessions.

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Money Matters StarCourses

Your child will be invited to our upcoming live StarCourses on financial topics to learn directly from the financial world’s foremost experts. Previous sessions have been led by Acorns, Coinbase, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Monthly Themes

January: Why Money & Markets Matter

To all other animals on the planet, we must seem crazy spending all our time in pursuit of rectangular slips of paper. This month, learners will explore how it got this way: what money is and where it comes from, what the stock market is and why it’s so important, and how money and markets drive what happens all around us.

February: Breaking Down Business

This month will take a look at the business world and answer questions like: How can some of the world’s most valuable companies, like Google and Facebook, not sell you anything? Why do products that cost pennies to make sell for such high prices? And what do businesspeople really do in those offices?

March: Finance & Investment

Albert Einstein noted that the greatest force in the world is compound interest. This month, club members will harness that power for themselves by exploring the world of investment. They’ll learn about the time value of money, break down the types of investments and how they matter to companies and investors alike, and tackle stock market simulations of their own.

April: Managing Your Own Money

“Why didn’t they teach us this in school?” is the common question that young adults ask when choosing where to live, how to invest, and how to manage taxes and credit cards. This month, club members will investigate budgeting, personal finance, and other personal money matters.

May: Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

We all want more money, so how do club members get it? This month will cover the insights of top investors, the consumer psychology secrets of top marketers, and the potential (and risks) of new investment classes like cryptocurrency.


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