Young Animators Club

$35 first month

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Young Animators Club

Your young animator's creativity will be sparked as they learn to draw popular characters using new artistic techniques. Your child and a group of 6-9 peers meet with expert instructors for live and engaging online sessions. Clubs meet weekly and topics change monthly. Subscribe now to get 50% off; try 4 sessions for just $35.

$70/month ($35 first month) • Weekly 1 hr sessions • Grades K‑12




audrey hopkins

Audrey Hopkins
Character Designer, Animator, TikTok Star

james lewis

James Lewis
Artist, Designer, Creator

What's Included:

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Weekly Club Meetings

Your young doodler will join an artistic crew to stretch their creativity through expert-led demonstrations and challenges that draw on a new monthly theme. Throughout the year, club members will learn new techniques to draw animals, Anime and Manga characters, mythical creatures, and learn what it takes to bring characters to life in stories and animation. All you need is a drawing utensil and paper.

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Bonus Clubhouse Activities

Club members will have access to fun and unique activities through our virtual After School Clubhouse. The Clubhouse has videos, quizzes, fun downloadable experiences—everything they need to become experts on moving illustrations.

Coloring in a cartoon

Young Animators StarCourses

How do animators make characters like Gloria or Boss Baby so memorable? Your child will be invited to our upcoming live StarCourses where they’ll dive into the world of animation with featured guest stars.

Monthly Themes

September: Drawing Human Characters

Students will learn to draw human characters from simple shapes, using the language of shape and color to add personality traits and character depth.

October: Drawing Mythical Creatures

Students will learn to draw dragons, unicorns, monsters, and other mythical creatures, blending imagination with realism and employing shape and color techniques to give them personality.

November: Drawing Classic Movie Characters

Students will learn to draw characters from their favorite animated movies, while dissecting the drawing principles that give them their trademark personalities and iconic appeal.

December: Drawing Animal Characters

Students will learn to create animal characters, using real-life animals to find lines of motion and then apply principles of shape and color to give the personality and flair.

January: Bringing Objects to Life With Animation

Students will learn to take inanimate objects and turn them into characters with personality and apparel. After all, the definition of “animate” is “bring to life.”

February: Anime and Manga

This month is dedicated to Japanese animation as students explore the techniques behind favorite anime and manga characters.

March: Drawing Dinosaurs, Robots, and Alien Characters

How does one month span an eternity? Find out as students dig deep into the past to draw prehistoric creatures and look well into the future to draw robots and aliens, using modern techniques to animate characters from entirely another time.

April: The Art of Character Creation

Students will learn the art of creating unique characters, creating narratives of who a character should be and choosing the shapes, proportions, features, and colors to bring that character to life.

May: Drawing With Depth and Style

This month students will learn what makes good drawings great, as they explore the arts of line breadth, shading, depth creation, and more.


Young Animators Club
• About 9 students per club.
• Weekly 1-hour sessions + bonus activities.
• Special content from featured guest stars.

"Varsity Tutors has kept our girls engaged academically and socially! No other platform has been able to do what they’ve done for our easily bored kiddos. Huge fans!"

— Leslie, Parent