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Science Fiction Book Club

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Science Fiction Book Club

Get your young reader's pages turning with the Science Fiction Book Club, where they'll meet with 6-9 other bookworms and discuss sci-fi classics, travel back in time, and learn how to create vast worlds on their own. Our clubs meet weekly and themes change monthly.

$70/month • Weekly 1‑hr sessions • Grades 4‑8


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Included in Science Fiction Book Club

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Weekly Club Meetings

Each month, readers devour a new book and a different science fiction genre. They’ll meet weekly to discuss the book, explore elements of the genre, and collaborate to brainstorm characters, worlds, and alternative realities as they learn to write sci-fi of their own.

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Small Group Classes

Camaraderie & Collaboration

What’s better than reading science fiction? Discussing it with fellow sci-fi fans and concocting the next great story. Science Fiction Book Club members will find their flock by participating in lively discussions and dreaming up the greatest untold stories together.

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Science Fiction StarCourses

Your young reader will be invited to our upcoming live Science Fiction StarCourses for the chance to learn directly from authors and actors who have carried the genre to new heights.


Monthly Themes

With new themes starting every month, join anytime and never feel left behind!

Monthly Themes

January: Space Exploration

We’re heading to space! Readers will explore one of science fiction’s most popular themes: exploring and colonizing space. Club members will discuss timeless questions, such as "Why do we love space so much?" and "What can it teach us about life back on Earth?"

Book selection: What Goes Up by Katie Kennedy

February: Time Travel

Readers will jump into the past and the future as they examine how authors skillfully twist timelines.

Book selection: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

March: Aliens

What’s space without a few aliens? This month, readers will get up close and personal with aliens in space and aliens who come to earth. How do science fiction authors write about aliens, and what do their descriptions teach us about being human?

Book selection: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

April: Alternate Histories

What if the United States never declared independence from England? What if we landed on Mars instead of the moon? Readers will explore alternate histories and the large changes that small differences can make.

Book selection: The Inventor’s Secret by Andrea Cremer

May: Robots

From robots that pilot ships to robots that perform surgery, walking, talking machines are common characters in science fiction. This month, readers will explore the helpful and harmful ways that robots interact with humans.

Book selection: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown


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