Curious World STEM Club

$35 first month

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Curious World STEM Club

Do you have a young doer, maker, or tinkerer in the house? Feed their curious mind as they explore how the world works, one experiment at a time. Your child and a group of 6-9 peers meet with expert instructors for live and engaging online sessions. Clubs meet weekly and topics change monthly. Subscribe now to get 50% off; try 4 sessions for just $35.

$70/month ($35 first month) • Weekly 1 hr sessions • Grades K‑8




craig spencer

Dr. Craig Spencer
Epidemiologist, Activist, Globetrotting Doctor

phil cook

Phil Cook
The TikTok Chemist, Teacher, Scientist

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Dianna Cowern
Science Communicator, Physics Girl

What's Included:

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Weekly Club Meetings

Young scientists will indulge their curiosity with a monthly rotating theme, from physics to food science, through hands-on projects and experiments, collaborative challenges, and expert instruction.

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Bonus Clubhouse Activities

So much of science happens away from the computer screen. As a club member, your budding scientist will have access to fun online and offline activities through our online After School Clubhouse. The Clubhouse has videos, quizzes, fun downloadable STEM experiences.

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Curious World STEM StarCourses

What happens when sodium and water mix? And how does gravity work? Your child will learn the answers to these types of questions when they join featured guest stars in our upcoming live Curious World STEM StarCourses.

Monthly Themes

September: Motion, Energy, & Forces Lab

Students will explore the world of physics as they dissect the forces of gravity, magnetism, and friction; learn and apply the laws of motion; and unlock the power of potential and kinetic energy.

October: Biology Lab

Students will discover the wonder of life—and bring their pets as examples—as they explore the plant and animal kingdom around them. Warning: have soap nearby because they’ll probably get their hands dirty.

November: Chemistry Lab

Students will discover the building blocks of our world as they experiment with compounds, solutions, and change. Warning: some might say polymer is just a fancy word for slime.

December: Food Science Lab

This delicious month, students will explore the science behind the food we know and love as they unlock the chemistry behind taste, texture, and nutrition.

January: Computer Science Lab

Students will uncover the science behind computers, learning the electronic concepts that make computers work and getting familiar with coding principles.

February: Machines Lab

Students will use the principles of simple machines to engineer solutions to their daily problems. Using pulleys, levers, ramps, and more, students will discover how to harness the power of machinery to make all of our lives easier and better.

March: Weather & Climate Lab

Students will explore the why behind the weather as they explore the relationship between the earth’s rotation, the jet stream, and geological features like mountains and oceans all combining to create wild weather events.

April: Earth Science Lab

This month, students will explore the world around them, learning about the composition and processes that make earth the perfect planet to support life.

May: Inventor Lab

Students will learn to be inventors as they apply the scientific method and principles of design, force, and machinery to create a new product the world has never seen before.


Curious World STEM Club
• About 9 students per club.
• Weekly 1-hour sessions + bonus activities.
• Special content from featured guest stars.

"Varsity Tutors has kept our girls engaged academically and socially! No other platform has been able to do what they’ve done for our easily bored kiddos. Huge fans!"

— Leslie, Parent