Brainteasers Club

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Brainteasers Club

The Brainteasers Club will put your young thinker’s brain to use through mind bending logic puzzles, collaborative trivia challenges, Socratic critical thinking exercises, and more. Your child and a group of 6-9 peers meet with expert instructors for live and engaging online sessions. Clubs meet weekly and topics change monthly. Subscribe now to get 50% off; try 4 sessions for just $35.

$70/month ($35 first month) • Weekly 1 hr sessions • Grades K‑12




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Ken Jennings
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What's Included:

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Weekly Club Meetings

Your young scholar will join a cerebral crew to stretch their mind through expert-led demonstrations and challenges sure to indulge their curiosity. Each month features a new brain-twisting theme. Throughout the year, club members will explore riddles, codes, game theory, and end the year in a trivia tournament.

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Bonus Clubhouse Activities

It’s amazing how many puzzles and riddles exist around the house and in nature. As a club member, your student will have access to fun online and offline activities through our online After School Clubhouse. The Clubhouse has videos, quizzes, fun downloadable experiences—everything they need to become expert critical thinkers!

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Brainteasers StarCourses

When you register for this club, your camper will be invited to our upcoming live Brainteasers StarCourses. They’ll learn how to use their critical thinking skills in new ways from our featured guest stars.

Monthly Themes

September: Optical Illusions and Other Ways Brains Fool You

Students won’t believe their eyes as they explore optical illusions and learn the techniques behind how they fool our eyes. They’ll also learn how the same principles trick our brains into seeing or believing something that just isn’t there.

October: Demystifying Magic

Students will deconstruct the logic and technique behind magic and other tricks that both fool and delight the mind. They’ll master sleight of hand, misdirection, and an appreciation for patterns and outcomes that are much more controllable than meets the eye.

November: Cracking Codes & Tackling Trivia

What do codes and trivia questions have in common? They tend to include clues for those who know how to find them, a skill students will master as they tackle these challenges.

December: Game Theory & Strategy

Students will learn how to apply logic and psychology to win at games, create contests and challenges, and become a master of strategic thinking.

January: Riddles and Logic Games

Students will learn to answer—and create—seemingly unanswerable questions using logical deduction and an appreciation for misdirection.

February: Otherworldly Oddities

Students will explore the world of crazy-but-true facts and properties that will wow their friends and family and are bound to come up in trivia contests. Things aren’t always what they seem to be, and this month will prove that.

March: Math Mindbenders

Students will flex their numerical knowledge with collaborative puzzles from Math Olympiad and by developing strategies for number-driven games like Yahtzee, Connect Four, and more.

April: Philosophical Puzzles

Students will explore the brainteasers of Aristotle, Socrates, and more modern-day philosophers, too, as they examine age-old questions and riddles while learning to see the world logically and critically.

May: Trivia Tournament

This month is all about collaborative competition as students learn trivia, logic, and strategy while playing games and taking on trivia challenges.


Brainteasers Club
• About 9 students per club.
• Weekly 1-hour sessions + bonus activities.
• Special content from featured guest stars.

"Varsity Tutors has kept our girls engaged academically and socially! No other platform has been able to do what they’ve done for our easily bored kiddos. Huge fans!"

— Leslie, Parent