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We require the most rigorous qualifications from Spanish tutors, in addition to a background check.

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Spanish Tutoring in New York City, NY

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Experience Spanish tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in New York City, NY. Top tutors will help you learn Spanish through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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Our outstanding tutors are available and excited to help you conquer Spanish. They have attended renowned programs like MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and other leading schools.

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Undergraduate Degree:
Excelsior College - Music, Languages

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Undergraduate Degree:
Muhlenberg College - Business Administration

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Undergraduate Degree:
Columbia University - Mechanical Engineering

How we help you master: Spanish


You will have learning objectives mapped out by our educational director based on your specific academic needs.


Your instructor will identify your current skill level in Spanish, as well as specific weaknesses to be addressed.


Our personalized instruction will teach you how to address your weaknesses, polish your strengths, and succeed.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Great lesson today! I was very impressed with the student's conversation skills today. She was very talkative and was applying proper grammar to her sentences. We also worked on vocabulary from the chapter and went over some grammar rules.

Completed two workbook exercises going over new vocabulary terminology, matching verbs to their noun equivalent. Practiced conjugating in the preterite for all 3 verb endings and the irregular 'ser'/'ir'

During this session, the student and I reviewed various verb forms, especially the subjunctive forms. We reviewed how to identify which verb form you should use as well as study strategies for remembering each of them. This was the last session of the academic year with this student, as his final is tomorrow.

The student and I began reviewing for her final exam in Spanish (next week). Today we went through the first online review assignment (covered grammar from chapters 13 and 14 - subjunctive and past participle). At the end we made flashcards for words from all 4 chapters.

We reviewed the book, "Pobre Ana." Completed practice questions related to the material. Translated the questions into Spanish and answered them in Spanish. We studied for the "Pobre Ana" comprehension quiz.

Today the student and I reviewed the content that will be on his final test. We went over (in great detail!) the study guide that his teacher has provided. We created sentences and studied usage, mechanics, and spelling.

As the student's Spanish class is winding down, we reviewed his study guide sheet for his final test. We briefly talked about the verbs the test will cover while we reviewed concepts that he had studied a while back in his class, so his memory was refreshed.

In today's lesson, I helped the student prepare for her examination tomorrow. We covered several grammar points and practice questions she needs to answer to his teacher tomorrow. I am sure she will do a good job in her test.

Today we focused on prepping for an oral Spanish quiz the student has to take. In order to prepare, first we went through and chose the right vocab words to meet his teacher's requirements. After, we started working on conjugations and made sure they were accurate for the explanation. Finally, I told the student in my absence, to memorize the oral part of the test and work on pronunciation as well.

The student and I went over the areas of his Spanish exams that had been challenging, particularly focusing on reflexive verb conjugations in present and past tense. In addition we reviewed direct and indirect objects.

I helped him memorize a poem that he had to recite in class the next day, and we began working on his end-of-semester review. I gave him some strategies on how to study alone during the week, and we will review what he has accomplished at our next session.

We covered the entire year of Spanish 3 in preparation for the final - conjugations, vocabulary, use of por and para, and translation of sentences. At the end, after the session was over we briefly talked about college and her scholarship opportunities for softball.

How can a tutor help you master Spanish?

Varsity Tutors offers Spanish tutoring in New York City, NY and the surrounding metro area. Our tutors are enthusiastic, brilliant tutors who will make your studies in Spanish as efficient as they are fun.

Varsity Tutors offers Spanish tutoring in New York City, NY and the surrounding metro area that can help you master the language completely. Whether you’re struggling to conjugate subjunctive verbs or speak confidently, our Spanish tutors’ expertise and guidance can help you take the next step towards becoming completely fluent in Spanish.

Being fluent in Spanish is a skill that many employers love to see on an applicant’s resumé, but learning the language can be difficult. Whether you are trying to master Spanish on your own or taking an academic course, if the way in which material is presented to you doesn’t match your own learning style, the class can quickly become much more difficult than it needs to be. Our Spanish tutors in New York City, NY meet with you in your home or at a place you select when it is convenient in your schedule, and they work with you individually in the way and at the pace that best suits your individual needs. Private Spanish tutoring allows you to control the pace and location of your learning, and our tutors work to accommodate your busy NYC schedule and personal learning goals. Speaking skills are often woefully neglected when one tries to learn Spanish on one’s own and given short shrift in Spanish courses, but working with a Varsity Tutors New York City-based Spanish tutor ensures that you can get as much practice as you need for working with the subtleties of pronunciation and accents, ensuring that instead of just memorizing vocabulary words that you can’t pronounce correctly, you can speak confidently and be understood!

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