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ASPIRE Tutoring in Washington DC

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Varsity Tutors offers ASPIRE tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in Washington DC. We'll help you learn ASPIRE through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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Our outstanding tutors are available and excited to help you conquer ASPIRE. They have attended renowned programs like MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and additional high-caliber institutions.

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Our educational director will pinpoint learning styles, map out goals and plans to target specific areas for improvement.


Your tutor will quickly assess your proficiency with the material, and identify areas for improvement.


We will design a custom-made program to get you on track to meet and exceed your goals.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Today was out last day for the semester. We got through her math final and left some problems in every category for her to go over the night before her test. I don't have any doubts that she will do great on her math final. Her biology final on Wednesday should be okay as well, however I feel like she needs more preparation, just studying on her own. We covered punnet squares and genetics today.

The student had recently started a chapter on photosynthesis.  We worked on the details of photosynthesis. I had her write out the steps as well as walk me through a pictorial version.  She has a quiz Wednesday and will review the information again tonight as well as in the morning.

The student  and I completed her homework on diving rational numbers.  She did fine on the basic fractions, but forgot to rearrange the fractions when she had to convert from whole and improper fractions. She noted her mistakes and easily corrected the problems she got wrong.  She made fewer mistakes with the decimals.  After math, we studied her science vocabulary on elements. She knew the majority of the words and picked up quickly on the ones she didn't know.  By the end of the session, she had a better understanding of all the words and was able to explain all the terms.

Did the "C"--i.e. more difficult--problems from ch. 9. Completed sections 9-1/9-1, which introduced new theorems involving circles and spheres, as well as recalling previous concepts from units covering triangles and polygons. Will pick up with section 9-3 next week.

Today, the student worked on the first three chapter of her statistics homework. In the first three chapters, we discussed nominal variables, ordinal variables, ratio variables, and interval variables. We also discussed pie charts, histographs, bar graphs, frequency distributions, percentages, ratios, fractions, rounding, and word problems. She has a test coming up during the next week and we will meet up again.

Today we worked on radical functions, starting first by creating radical functions as the inverses of quadratic equations, then working on the general form of radical functions and how additions change its structure. Will did pretty well on this section and a little more practice with it, and he should be set on these concepts.

The student and I had our first math tutoring session for the SSAT. Her prep book had not yet come in the mail so we used her laptop to access my personal copy online to work on practice problems. We first did "Test Yourself" problems that force students to practice their basic arithmetic, fractions, and exponents. She did well and her confidence showed, however she did make some minor errors. We continued on to the more advanced word problems and this is where she excelled. Once she knows how to solve a problem, she finishes quickly and accurately. I am confident we will make significant progress in our next session.

The students and I reviewed for upcoming quizzes he has in science. The quizzes will cover information the student has learned in science both last year and this year. He retained the information that he has learned in science over the past two years and should do very well on his test. The student also informed me that he received a 33/34 on his last science quiz.

The student has yet another algebra exam this Friday so we went over the review sheet for it. She got an 89% on the exam she took earlier this week and she now has an 89% in chemistry over all!! We reviewed a little for her chemistry exam on acids and bases. We talked about balancing reactions and she feels as though she finally understands that now. She seems well prepared for her chemistry exam. We then went over her physics assignment on electrostatics.

We started with working on the student's homework covering reading bar graphs, pictographs, and creating frequency charts. After completing his homework packet I reviewed the multiplication flashcards with him. He has improving greatly. Next, I asked him to work on the worksheet that I created to time test him. His ability to work on multiplication problems without mistakes has greatly improved. With the remaining minute and a half that we had left in our session I asked him to answer as many division problems as he could. He completed 13 questions in 1 minute and 14 seconds and he got all of them correct. His skills and his confidence are greatly increasing.

We looked at rotational motion. The student had missed several lectures, so I covered everything starting from rotational analogs to torque. We briefly looked at a past exam of his. He was to finish his homework on the topic due the next day.

At the beginning of today's session, the student and I reviewed his essay from last week. While the use of language was stronger than in his previous essay, he still needs to improve on addressing the assignment directly. Following our discussion, we moved on to critical reading. We worked through critical reading passages, and, overall, I can see a marked improvement from where he had started, which he notices as well. He makes fewer erroneous deductions and is able to glean what is necessary from the passages. In addition to further vocabulary work, I plan to begin focusing on developing his writing skills as the main subject of next week's session.

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