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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Today we went over the student's lecture slides regarding thermodynamics. We covered energy, changes in energy, and the calculations associated with energy (specifically heat of a system and work in terms of pressure and volume). We also went through enthalpy and calculations of enthalpy (delta H) at constant pressure. Lastly, we briefly touched upon Gibb's free energy and entropy. She asked questions to clarify potential versus kinetic energy. We also stressed which equations were important to know for chemical thermodynamic calculations. At the end of our session she had a better understanding of the topics.

We covered fractional and negative exponents. We discussed the rules of exponents and multiplying and dividing polynomials with them. She had more practice problems from school to do for our next session.

The student and I covered finding derivatives of functions using product and quotient rules. I was able to explain these concepts to him and he seemed to understand with no difficulty. We went over several problems involving these, and he did very well; he required little assistance from me. With a few minutes remaining in the session, I explained some concepts from the next section he would be working on--solving derivatives of trigonometric functions. I believe that he will have pretty much no difficulty completing his work from that section.

We worked on multiplication problems with decimals. She's not struggling with math right now in school. The only slight problem she was having was remembering where to place the decimal point, which we covered in our session.

We worked on reading, writing, and blending sounds. He read me two books (beginning/end of session) and we worked on writing words, specific letters that he transposed last week (b, d, j, z), and played reading games where he reads the word then blends the sounds. We had a productive session.

Today, the student and I covered mathematics and speed reading, his two primary concerns for the upcoming test on Saturday. We worked on algebra, area, and the Pythagorean Theorem. I allowed him individual time to work on reading in order to boost his comprehension and speed skills, and went over math problems he worked out incorrectly. He has been a great student and I wish him the best on the upcoming test.

Today, I taught the student inverse functions and how to see if they are one to one, check if the inverse is correct, and also we reviewed any concerns on chapter 5, as his class is about to start chapter 6. Today's session, he was excellent in his algebra skills, confirming the check if the inverse is correct.

The student is now studying acids and bases. They have just started so we spent this session working on problems in which she had to solve for pH, pOH, H+, and/or OH-. At first, she struggled to grasp the concept that the concentration changes as the volume changes. Despite this, she is in a much better place with this material than she had been in the class. I left her with 5 practice problems and their answers. These problems should be a little challenging for her.

The session began with the student working on spelling homework. He practiced spelling and writing the words of the week three times. He then moved on to phonics homework where he was required to find the correct word in the word box to finish each of the sentences on the page. He was able to complete each of the sentences. In math, he practiced completing addition and subtraction fact families. He used his number grid to find the answers to most of the number expressions. The session ended with the student and I reading a poem and answering literal comprehension questions.

For this session, we continued working on factoring and we focused on factoring out a negative. Then we utilized a strategy that we would use the a and c to simplify factoring. She seemed to be confident once we reviewed the technique and did multiple practice problems.

The student and I reviewed some new content about the chemical properties of water, and then continued to read ahead. As I have mentioned before, the current topics are a lot more conceptual, however, he seems to be taking them in stride. He is showing he is understanding the way molecules interact and change phase, and he has been able to answer the practice problems in the book both conceptually and the few problems that actually put a quantitative spin on those phase changes. All reports have shown he is doing well and continuing to improve his grade in the class!

Today we went over his mistakes on the critical reading and verbal sections from the first practice SAT test from the Official Guide and reviewed vocabulary. His scores improved compared to when he took the test in January. I left him with the critical reading and verbal sections from the second practice SAT in the Official Guide. I have no concerns from this session.

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