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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Today the student and I went over the English to Latin sentences I asked him to do and we started translating some Latin to English sentences.  I think he also may be thinking too much when he is composing and translating.  I'm working on getting him to relax his mind a little bit.

English Writing - Helped the student finish his personal narrative. Peer reviews didn't take place in class as stated in the assignment, but we combed through the essay with the peer review sheet in hand so it should receive a more than satisfactory mark.

The student and I met today for about an hour to go over some work on complex numbers.  Basically performing operations of complex numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  She did really well with these concepts, and I look forward to working with her again.

Today we went over a lot of ideas for an engineering project. The students went over their designs and pointed out some technical problems. We also went over some brand new ideas by reinventing some ideas and designs they had already though of. In the end we pretty much had a finished design that seemed technically feasible.

We continued working on vocabulary and parts of speech. We worked especially with vocabulary to express increasing intensity of adjectives. The student has three new vocabulary words to practice and use this week.

Session with student. Today we worked on some quiz corrections. The material covered solving for x when combined with half angles, sines, cosines and tangents. She told me that the teacher had told them to study a different section for the quiz, so when she realized it was material she actually already knew, her brain froze up. But now, she can see where she went wrong, and knows how to rework the problems. She has come such a long way from our very first session!

We did a final review for the student's final Spanish exam. The focus was vocabulary, we practice the almost 200 words she have to learn. She is well prepared for her grammar and she got the vocabulary almost perfect after the review we conducted yesterday. I think she is going to get a very good grade on her exam.

Today the student and I reviewed counting to 30 in French, the animals, the parts of the body, some fruit, I am hungry/I am thirsty, and the flashcards with vocabulary nouns on them. He did great and only seemed to struggle with hat, "le chapeau."  We spent a good amount of time, per his request, working on identification of capital letters vs. lower case letters. I asked him to write each out several times (he had an outline to look at) and we worked on A - F.  He seems to clearly grasp the difference between Upper and Lower case but is not yet familiar with how to write all of the lower case letters.  

During today's session we covered a variety of topics. We talked about gases, work, energy, pulleys, systems, and acids and bases. She took a practice test earlier and said she had room to improve. She needs to work on timing and prioritizing. I advised her to strategically answer the questions. First, answer all the discrete questions, then answer all the passages. I think that will help her with the timing issue.

Checked the student's homework with him and discussed how to evaluate less than/equal to/greater than relationships with decimals. Also continued to make and then review predictions for reading comprehension.

quick quiz #1: math (2/5) chem (6/10)
Math: Reviewed questions relating equations and critical parts of circles, hyperbolas and ellipses. We looked at how each formula relates to the parts of a graph. It is imperative to memorize formulas and practice as many questions as possible.
Chem: Nomenclature quiz. We will practice more.    

We spent the time working in his exercise books and reading our insect book. The exercise book is really promoting his accuracy. The student's biggest issue is that he often moves too fast, and this became a problem when we worked on a "multiple meanings" exercise. The first time through, he was not careful enough, and several times he chose a word that only worked in one of the provided sentences, rather than both. However, we continued to work on this, and he really started to slow down and pay attention.

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