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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

This was our first session. The student and I worked on problems from the review given by his professor to prepare for the final exam. We covered limits, discontinuities, and derivatives. There was a variety of problem types that needed to be understood. We spent extra focus on the conceptual graphing of a derivative function. He will send me review materials by email.

The student and I went over his vocabulary words for his upcoming test. He seemed to have a good grasp on it so we moved on to discussing some common bio-ethical questions as well as talking about how the cell uses and makes energy. Next week is my last week with him, so in addition to covering his school work we will also be looking at the cell cycle and cell division.

Today we covered various topics in the student's many review packets she had for her final. She felt confident in what she has learned and was able to work through more problems. She says she now knows more and understands more and is feeling ready for her final tomorrow.

As this was our first session, we began by discussing goals/timelines/etc. We went over the basic design of the ACT, and general test taking strategies. Today we focused on the Math and English sessions. The area she needs the most help in is math, and we spent a good deal of time on basic algebra problems. We are writing down various mathematical formulas as we go, so we can briefly review these each session. She did fairly well on the English section, and I took note of a couple grammatical rules we need to review. Tomorrow we plan to focus on the Reading and Science sections.

In this session, the student focused some more on exponents. She is very good at understanding concepts quickly. She sometimes needed a reminder that when you multiply exponents with the same base, the exponents are added. When you are taking a power to power, you multiply the exponents. These concepts are extremely important yet easily confused. Then, we moved onto more advanced exponent problems, including order of operations. The student is doing great overall.

I gave the student a diagnostic test and she did a good job on it. Today we focused mainly on algebra, some geometry, some probability, and multiples of number and we worked a bit with reciprocity. I saw her previous exam scores in math. I left the student with nine problems for next time.

This session with the student was spent discussing variables and if statements, two of the most important fundamentals of computer science. We first discussed the five most basic variables: strings, characters, integers, Boolean values and floating points. Afterwards we spent some time learning how to create and assign values to variables. When we got a handle on that, we spent some time learning if statements. We covered the basic if and else statements, and went over Boolean logic using the && and || operators. He picked up these concepts very quickly.

We spent almost the entire session going over strategies and looking at different approaches for math problems. These same problems are repeated again and again with different numbers on the test so it is extremely beneficial to be exposed to them! I can see the student making progress and I believe she can see it too!

We started out with a quick review of the uses of ser and estar, and the preterite and imperfect. The student just had an exam on the two topics, and while he felt pretty good about it overall, he still wanted a little more practice with knowing when to use the preterite versus the imperfect for sentences in the past tense. After doing several sets of exercises with preterite and imperfect, we moved on to oral exercises with the past tenses. He seems to have a solid understanding of the rules for using the imperfect and preterite. Finally, at the end of the class, I offered him several tips for improving his listening comprehension and pronunciation in his spare time by seeking out films, podcasts, and music.

The student has just started the semester and is hoping to raise her grade from last semester. Today, we went over her last quiz and worked on today's homework. After her homework was finished, we went over a few definitions and examples from the previous chapter that she wanted to review. Her homework was about exponential growth and decay equations. She struggled most with choosing which equation to use for a problem and with writing equations from points given. She has no extra practice as she already has her regular homework to complete until our next tutoring session. Overall, she seems like an excellent student who just needs some extra explanation and practice for this class. I have no concerns from this session.

I helped the student correct some of his social studies practice homework. In our discussions about reading for both the big idea and the details, we identified that "why" and "how" questions on his study guide are about the big picture and "who" and "what" questions are about details. Most of his study guide this time had been the big idea questions, and none where he could just copy a sentence out of the book. I loved the opportunity to really dig in and help him wrap his brain around what the text actually meant. We read through the section and I asked questions to get him to make connections. I keep pushing him to pay attention to the questions I ask so he can learn to ask himself those same questions.

The student and I started with some strategies for time saving in the science test. We practiced glancing over the diagrams and figures for key words, but moving to the questions soon after. From there, noticing the key words in the questions can help determine which figure to look at for the answer. If necessary, you can read through the paragraphs of information, but for most passages it's not necessary. I timed her answering a passage and she averaged 56 seconds a question. The test allows for 52 seconds a questions, so with more practice, she'll be right on track. We then went over some English passages. She already has some great strategies for this section and with more practice, she'll be even quicker to answer. I suggested that she do some more passages of all the tests and time how long it takes her to see where she's at in time/question and where she really needs to focus.

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