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Undergraduate Degree:
Emory University - Film Studies

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Seton Hall Law School - Law

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Undergraduate Degree:
University Of California, Berkeley - Political Science

Graduate Degree:
Columbia University - International Affairs

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Undergraduate Degree:
Hamilton College - Economics, Government

Graduate Degree:
Columbia Law School - Law

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

During this session, the student and I looked at her essay that she had done on her most recent practice test.  I corrected certain areas, gave her tips, and discussed some sample essays with her.  I also stressed the importance of a quick outline and brought the most recent scoring rubric in order to very clearly show her what her goals should be for the essay section.  Then we did a bit of work with math - which went well for her - and finished out the session by working with her vocabulary flash cards.

Today the student and I covered fraction, decimal, percent conversions, perimeter and area, and basic word problem solving strategies.  We spent the last 15 minutes covering the format of the test, and test taking strategies.  

Mandarin - walked the student through the process of writing characters and recognizing pinyin for basic greetings. This will be the focus of the upcoming week with the intent of enabling the student to introduce herself and ask questions in Mandarin during the first week of class.

We continued working on "ser"/"estar". We worked on her homework (about this very same subject) and browsed a magazine I brought for the student. I wanted to add something new and as we were doing some practice with "ser"/"estar", I introduced the names of the colors to describe the people on the magazine. We worked also on some adjectives associated with "ser"/"estar": sad, happy, furious, disappointed, etc.

This week we worked on a persuasive essay as well as math using improper fractions and rational numbers. She is improving in organizing and expanding her essays and needs less guidance in developing thesis statements. She seems to understand her math concepts for the most part, but sometimes makes simple mistakes. I would recommend a more careful organization of her scratch work while working problems.

Today we practiced counting in both English and French. The student was easily able to count to 29 in French without prompting, and with help he was able to get to 49. We also reviewed colors, and he is back to his old proficiency in this area. We went over cold weather vocabulary, and I taught him some new words for winter clothing: coat/le manteau, sweater/le pull, scarf/l'echarpe, and gloves/les gants.

We reviewed his math coursework on substitution and elimination for solving systems of equations. We also spent time working with more word problems and specifically on using estimation techniques to perform mental math and improve his sense of a realistic answer to a given problem as well as his speed and agility with processing numbers.

The student and I covered a logic games section. She showed improvement at working on deductions. I then had the student practice a section of logical reasoning. We went over the wrong answers and discussed ways to improve her timing.

This session the student and I worked on some of the logic games that she was having trouble with in her class, and then some of the extra games that she was given to try on her own. We are basically working with all of the different types of games now, just making sure that she knows how to attack each one. We haven't gotten into too much sequencing yet, but the last game we worked on had sequencing elements to it. I told Dianna that for next time we would do some sequencing exercises so that she can start to get used to diagramming these types of games and solving them based on rather elaborate diagrams.

Today we worked on two more arguments sections then worked on some 1D and 2D sequencing games. The student is getting better. We need to use the four sessions before Labor Day weekend to shore up those weaknesses as much as possible and cover the rest of the argument types.

As a warm-up, had the student translate various words, phrases and sentences from Spanish to English as a review of all we have learned in the last four sessions. She then needed to recall the parts of the face by filling in the correct vocabulary words to the corresponding parts of the face on the worksheet. Taught new vocabulary for parts of the body with a worksheet. She practiced the new vocabulary by matching the words to the parts of the body on a handout. Practiced conversation for "what did you do today?" and "what you are doing today?" Also, went over Introduction and biography questions and answers through conversation focusing on the informal and formal ways to address to address "you." Student has shown significant progress from first session until now. It is apparent during sessions that she has reviewed material before meeting with tutor.

We started the session by talking about the importance of test scores and of gradual preparation. The discussion seemed to resonate with him, and I look forward to his increased diligence. We spent most of the session previewing calculus, covering basic differentiation as well as the product, quotient and chain rules.

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